I'm boring now...

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I'm boring now...

Hi everyone,

I haven't been on for a while, still sober though,which is good. I think it's coming up about 6 months now-whoa!

Anyway I was at a b'day party the other week, everyone was drinking and that. I didn't drink and was asked to have one many times. I'm like I don't drink anymore and then they turned around and said You are so boring. So yeah if that's what I am then so be it. At least I am trying to keep my body healthy. I didn't stay for long, those things are just not my scene anymore.

I've have so move on from that..
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Wow...with friends like that...who needs enemies! I find it amazing how rude people can be.

I'm glad you took it for what it was worth.

Congrats on your sober time!
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I'm glad they didn't get you down Maz
Congrats on your upcoming 6 months!

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Looking For Myself...Sober
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Yea..Thats not the kind of friends you want to be around.
If boring means not drinking yourself into a stupor, acting stupid and falling all over the place, possibly puking on yourself. Doing and saying dumb ****. And then feeling like death afterwards. Than I am all for boring.

I am sure that opinion goes both ways. I would find it pretty boring to be around users now myself. So it all works out I guess.
Glad you are doing good and didnt let that ignorant comment bring you down.
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Is it not sad when people need to drink to be/have fun..... Well,, fun in their eyes..
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That sucks that drinkers are like that...but honestly...I think I used to be like that. I always thought people who didn't drink were boring. Now I think drinkers are's weird that there is such polarity between the two groups, not sure what can be done about it. Sounds like you handled it well though maz. I think if someone who is drinking every calls me boring I am just going to respond "You're Boring!"
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I used to think drink enhanced my charm and wit but when I refelct now I think I just got louder, lewder and less interesting. I am hoping that the new me will be a lot less boring and will meet some truly interesting folks who don't need to pour alcohol down their throats to have fun. I'm sure you aren't boring at all xx
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I'm boring drunk and sober...
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Hey, How many times did they tell you that you were boring? I know when I drank I repeated myself over and over and over. That had to be pretty boring. Whoever listend to me say the same thing 10 times, or better yet pass out right in front of them. I'm sure I was exciting then too.
Congrats! on staying sober and realizing what's important
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Better 'boring' than in jail, or injured or dead or any of the other negative aspects of drinking. Better 'boring' than aggravating or disgusting or guilty.
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You can still play and have fun and be entertaining sober; if others choose to judge you as boring just because your not throwing down... So be it!! Just my take... Congrats !! Hope to match your
six in about three and 1/2 months.
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Way to go on your 6 months...

The boring thing... yea I get it. Do you bore yourself? If so, then you need to change something... if you bore others, well, find others to hang with. I know, easier said than done, but well worth the effort...

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You're not boring. Your friend just has poor social skills.

My friends have said some things that have hurt my feelings since I have been sober.

I'm doing all this great stuff for myself and then they shoot down my efforts by calling me "boring" or something else.

Honestly, none of them even understand half of what I am going through. I always keep that in mind. I also think that when they have to cut back on drinkng (b/c of age, maturity, health, alcoholism, etc.) they will finally understand where I am coming from. Until then....they know nothing.

Congrats on your 6 months Maz and continue doing what you're doing!
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You aren't boring, you are intimidating to others who booze. When I drank non-drinkers were kinda scary.

I predict that they will either get used to it or you may ditch them. Personally, I enjoy watching drunk people because it confirms my belief that getting drunk is a stupid waste of time.
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It's time to change!
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YAY!!! How cool you are!!!!
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I find this so what I needed to hear today! I feel like I am boring and my life is so boring without drugs and then I think....well wait a life really sucked when I was using because my entire day revolved around whether or not I was going to have a pill or not or trying to get one. It was the fast life but it was a stressful, crappy life. I so don't want to go back there. 15 days clean today, I can't wait to get my 30 days keychain. Half way there. Have a good sober day everyone.
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I to thought not drinking was "boring". No puking, no car crashes, no rides in police cars or ambulances.

Sometimes I miss the good-old days but 99.9% of the time I don't.
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I guess if you are surrounded by people drinking that have a jet set lifestyle and everything that one could possibly imagine including peace of minds and serenity, and are enjoying a glass or 2 of 1949 red wine then this might cause a light reaction in you which you have obviously countered by remembering the bad old days and the way you feel and look great today:-)

If its the sort of parties that i went to with the typical run of the mill 'normies' i wouldn't worrry too much about it;-)
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It is insightful to read this after 4 months sober.

Early days into sobriety, you get the feeling that yes, you are missing out etc on a lot of fun, u are boring etc.

That is not true. What is a fact is the boringness you realize that being a drunk is when you are forced to watch other pissheads for hours thru sober eyes.

U will get over this disillusion in time.
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