My formal third step

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My formal third step

I hope nobody minds me sharing my experience this morning. I feel so strange and was hoping for some feedback to figure it all out.

I went to a meeting with my sponsor this morning. Afterwards, she told me she was going to take me to the beach where I would do my formal third step. We went down there, and really it could not have been a more beautiful day, beautiful ocean, plenty of sunshine, etc. She gave me instructions, and I started down the beach to find a good spot to carry them out.

As I walked I noticed a little circular clearing that was private and actually looked like it was made just for something like this (lol). I sat and read the pages I was instructed to and took time to reflect on them. It honestly felt totally right for me to proceed, so I got on my knees and said the third step prayer and surrendered my will and life to God, then I signed the paper I had written just before--my "contract" with Him.

I can't even describe how I felt afterwards. There was a huge sense of relief mixed with some uneasiness. It was like the lifting of a burden, but at the same time some fear of the unknown and of the changes that are going to take place as I proceed through the fourth step, which my sponsor and I started on immediately afterwards. Also a little fear of failure as well.

I can't even sort it all out right now. It's not really like I thought it would be. So strange. It was definitely a spiritual experience, but it left me with me more feelings than I was expecting. I was wondering what you guys thought or experienced yourselves or if you could relate at all. Thanks.
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I haven't been through 3rd (or any other) step, so I don't know if all of that adds to it... but as far as the spiritual part, I always do feel lighter when I'm walking closer to the Lord... it's something, and I can't really describe it. That burden thing, I suppose.

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What an incredible 3rd step! Congratulations!

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.
Personally, I am finding step 3 to be an ongoing process of acceptance. I still fight it big time but I am making progress.

-Acceptance that I am an alcoholic - that I will never drink like a normal person.

-Acceptance of the past. I can't change it.

-Acceptance of other people just the way they are. I have very little influence over them. I can only try to be kind & loving - the rest is up to God.

-Acceptance that I am not perfect, that I will make mistakes. But that I am a good guy!

-Acceptance that while the future may appear uncertain, it's all God's will. I just have to roll with it.

So my part in the grand scheme of things, while important, is limited. Do my part, accept that God will take care of the rest (whether I like it or not! ).

I did have a more profound spiritual experience when I did my step 7.

7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.
An inner peace & serenity, of forgiveness, of knowing that I would be okay. I really felt the presence of the Creator.

But it takes ongoing work to regain, maintain that inner peace, something that I am struggling with today but getting there (baby-steps).

There is nothing to fear. All the changes in your will be good (and change is a normal part of life). You are on a good path.

BB quotes from the 1st ed of the BB.
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YAY!!!!! I'm just happy that it elevated you, that's awesome. You are doing great, keep it up Girl!!!
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Wow! I think that is an awesome way to do Step 3

You are really fortunate to have each other.

I've found my life runs smoother when I am
strongly connected to my God.

Forward we go...side by side...
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