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I got my flu shot yesterday evening. The normal one, not the oink oink one (apparently I'm too young for that one, although she had to check the chart before she said it - oh well). Didn't think much of it as I had them before. Bit of a sore arm, sore throat that was all. I woke up at midnight and I thought I got run over by a bus. Every muscle in my body was hurting badly, I couldn't even keep water down and I was shaking and getting the shivers real bad. Never happened before. I woke up feeling a little better and dragged myself to work. Why am I telling you this? I was thinking of all of you that have been given another chance in your jobs recently: If you are planning on getting a shot or anything like that, please please make sure you get it when you don't have to work the next day. Lets face it, nobody will believe us when we tell the story about the flu shot. Thought I mention it just in case.
On a more positive note, it's day 9 for me and although I feel like sh.. or maybe because I do, having a drink is the last thing on my mind.
Thanks for letting me bore you this morning. Stay strong.
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Hi Saphie

I'm no doctor but I think many of us are pretty run down when we stop drinking - perhaps that's why the flu shot hit you hard?

I'm in a risk group so I get one every year, and it's usually fine...

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isnt the flu shot for people over 60? how old do you have to be to get the oink one lol???
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It's the young 'uns that get the swine flu shot. That's right yeahgr8, you are in Spain... the 1918 influenza was "Spanish Flu" ... it was an H1N1

Good going on your 9 days Saphie... hope you feel better soon!

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I have heard of that kind of reaction with the flu shot. I hope it's short-lived with you and you feel better.
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I got a flu shot 13 years ago, it was the only year I actually got the flu!!!! I haven't had one since, and I haven't gotten the flu either!!!!

That said, I get one for my Son just in case, he just had his, his arm was sore for two days, then he was fine.

Congratulations on your 9 days sober!!!

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Thanks Saphie,

I hope you feel better and have at least a tolerable day. I know what you mean, though. I fellow alki once said, "An alcoholic can never catch a cold." Sigh.

Happy as all get out that you don't want a drink.
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I'm sorry you had a bad reaction to the shot.
I've not had a problem with them and have been getting
flu shots each year since they came out.

I agree ...any medical procedure is best done when you have
no committments to deal with. Thanks for pointing that out.

Well done on your sober time ..
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wow didnt think they could do that.....

funny thing is ive never ever had a flu shot but as of this year ive said im going to get one next year because the flus just seem to be getting worse and worse,, My son and I ended up getting the swine flu, he wasnt the best but he wasnt to bad hes 14, and i only had it a touch but they gave me the tamiflu which helped alot,,,, so next year i was going to get the shots,, but i didnt realize they can do that to you..
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Just got mine --- no biggie but a sore arm for a couple of days. My kids all get the flu mist in school now. Just a routine fall thing for us

Swine flu shots on the way....
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