New, need help ?

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New, need help ?

here are some suggestions i was given in early recovery, i still do them to this day as they worked for me !.

1) each morning on your knees, chat or talk or pray to a higher power of your understanding, asking for a sober/clean day and to be able to help others.

2) ring your sponsor, if you do not have one, ring another recovering alcoholic/addict, this is a chance for you to talk about any problems you have and discuss the program of recovery.

3) each day read two pages from the big book of alcoholics anonymous.(own fellowships book), this will help your recovery, it will also help understand the real problem and allow you to see the great life on offer.

4) SERVICE. we aim to do some service at our meetings, get to meetings early, help put the chairs out , do the washing up, all these things keep us grateful. (grateful alcoholics/addicts dont pick up).

5) each day ring a newcomer (someone newer than you ) ask them how they are , if you could take them to a meeting, do not try to solve all there problems !.

6) get two home groups at meetings, so that people get to know you,

7) write a gratitude list, put down 10 things you are grateful for (if you cant think of things your grateful for write down things you should be grateful for) eg; roof, running water, health, being alive, being sober/clean, god (higher power), electric. this will keep you grateful and remember that gratitude is action not a thought !!.


pray for him/her. eg; please god/higher power bless xxx and let him/her have health and prosperity, or please god/higher power give me the patience and tollerance i would cheerfully grant a sick friend.

we have found that these suggestions have worked for us, why not give them a go ?.

may your god bless and keep you safe on all your journeys.

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