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Hello Please help me understand my pain

I am new here and I am not sure if I am posting this in the right thread, I am depressed I am very sad, I take narcotics everyday, I take about 7-8 a day for pain as I take it from the doctor to ease pain that I go through everyday, I am 26 years old . I am miserable these pills are not helping me anymore/ I feel I need something stronger and can't get any help I am so sad right now crying at the moment, Here lately I have been so angry. I don't know what's going on with me. I don't know why I am being this way I don't know if I am addicted or not because since I have been on them for my pain I have never went without them for months now, I read several scary stories online about hydrocodone I take 5/500 7-8 a day everyday and have been for months I need some help. I don't know if I am addicted or what it would be like not to take them I am sitting here crying for a reason though. I am so depressed that this is going on I don't know what else to do/ Who to go to who to talk to. I have tried oxycodone once and it was so much better to handle the pain I am in and now I am trying to get some to ease the pain from the doctor but of course he wont do it. I have severe arthiritis in all my joints, I don't know what's going on with me please anyone someone please help me I am going down a wrong path yet it's supose to be helpful to what I am going through. I have no idea why I am here I just know I am sad very very sad. very angry lately outbursts. I had 60 pills on the 22nd and now have about 10 left as of today. It's not helping my pain it's not helping me. Someone please what is wrong with me? Why am I going through this? What can I do? I have had such a hard life growing up I have had so much pain inside and now it's in my joints. I don't know if I have a problem I don't know the difference I do not drink. I do not like it never have. I do not do drugs I do not like them never have. But these took away the pain at first I use to take 1 now im up to 7-8 and now they barely work PLEASE HELP ME
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Hi babyd011

I'm not familiar with these drugs, but I think the first thing for anyone to do would be to speak with your doctor...speak about your situation, and share your concerns and fears with him or her.

If your current doctor is not satisfactory to you, please find a new one.

SR is a great resource too. You'll find a lot of support here, babyd011. More people will be along soon.

We also have a Substance Abuse forum. Feel free to check that out as well
Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

Welcome to SR!
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I agree with Dee about talking to your doctor or finding a new one. There is a lot of support outside of the medical field here at SR. Many here know what you are going through and it's helpful to talk and get out what's going in your head as well as the physical.

Glad you found us, I hope you can get the proper help asap.
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And I too share the opinion that the doctors would be a good start
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Welcome to the Sober Recovery community.

If you are taking the prescribed dose as directed, there may be a greater problem.
If you are not taking the prescribed dose as directed, there may be another problem.

Regardless, this is a medical issue that is best remedied by a medical professional.
i hope that you will seek the help you need to overcome your difficulties & get better.
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Lots of good advice here.

I understand that you feel kind of overwhelmed at the moment. Try talking to your dr again and if that doesn't work, seek a second opinion. I don't know much about pain meds, but it's understandable that they work less and less well as time goes on. There may be alternatives for you to check out, such as herbal remedies, physiotherapy. acupuncture or something like that.

Have faith that you can get through this.
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Hello I really appreciate all this wonderful advice, I am not sure what else to do but the people on this site are truly amazing to help others weather they have been through this problem or any problem themselves. I am just trying to find a resolution to this problem even though I am unsure if I have a problem. I have still disease and arthiritis in all joints that is what still disease is to better explain it. It's hard being in pain all the time but I do take several pills a day as they don't work anymore and my doctor wont seem to give me anything else or anything more to help me out as the addiction ppl have had with these pills make it hard. I have been getting very angry lately I know this I flip out in places I never would like subway I got into an argument with someone at subway, Not only that I am enclosing myself from everyone and just stay in my room. It really does not feel to good being away from people yet it feels so much better. I take atleast 7-8 pills a day one every cpl hours and it does not no longer work and it's hard for me to do thing's I want to do. As the pain is unbearable sometimes. I just wish there was a way to work this out somehow where I can get on the right medicationto help me as well as not be told no when I ask. Once again thankyou so much
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Well, I'm on my way

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I have no knowledge or experience with your situation. I just wanted to say welcome. You have a lot of support here.
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Hi babyd011, welcome. I agree with the other posts...you should talk more with your Dr. about the situation. If you can't get any relief from him/her you might try a naturopathic Dr. They might be able to help. I have heard that a raw food diet can cure arthritis...have you ever looked into that? try googling raw food and arthritis...it might be something to try. Good luck and don't give up...you will find somethng to help you.
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Welcome. seeing your doctor is the best thing to do, maybe find out about some type of pain management. good luck to you
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hello and good afternoon my name is nikki and I was kinda in a situation like yours. I am in severe, constant pain all day long and getting ready to have neck surgery at the end of the month. I was to on vicodin 5/500 4 times a day. My body became tolerant to them and I needed more and more to take away the pain and to make me feel normal. Your body will need more and more each day as you build a tolerance to them. I to went to oxycodone for the pain and my body built a tolerance for that also. I began to like the way I felt from them and they eventually led to a full blown addiction. I definatley think that you need to seek another doctor for some advice, or maybe even 2 differnt docs for oppinions. Make sure to ask yourself questions like do I like the way I feel from them (the euphoria), am I taking them more and more even if my pain is not as bad as earlier in the day? I cant say if the pills are turning into an addiction but I would ask yourself some questions and get a new doc because if you dont It could possibly turn into an addiction and you dont want that to happen because it is a demon that you cant control. It is the hardest thing to do in life. (getting the Demon off your Back) If youhave any questions dont hesitate to write, I as well as everyone here as SR will help as much as possible. You have done the right thing by joining and having questions for people because you are trying to figure out whats going on! Good Luck! Nikki
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BD -- When it comes to your pain and effective treatment that will help you more than hurt, that is the realm of your doctor. When it comes to the other aspects of your current relationship to the painkillers, well... you may be addicted to opiates. In the end, only you can know that. There are some clues, such as going to the doctor not about pain per se, but with the focus on getting a stronger drug that without his prescription you've already tried. You also said "of course" he wouldn't give it to me. Think about why you already knew that.

If you think you do have a problem but aren't sure, this may help: http://bit.ly/33yaNo

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Wow thankyou all for your kind help and warm welcome, I am going to the doctors tomorrow and rethinking and rereading my post makes me think that I do take more then I am supose to and it's because I guess I grew a tolerance to them by taking them for my pain, Then again I would have to take more to get the pain to subside. It's a tough situation and even will be more tough if I am or if I do get addicted yet not knowing if I am addicted because I have not been without them since I been on them for months. I really appreciate this site and the people on it you have made me feel alot better knowing people actaully care and want to be there regardless if you are strangers or not I respect that.
Sometimes I find myself worried about running out or when I get my next refill or call to get them refilled. I don't want to be off of them because they do help it's just the tolerance grew up after taking them for so long. Once again I thankyou all so much you will be seeing alot of my here as well as trying to give my help and opinions to others lot's of hugs and wtg all who is recovering that's really good and those who are trying to wtg to you too I am sure it's so tough and really hard to do and hard to overcome but I have faith you will make it and if I am I will probably need some faith and some ppl here for me as well.
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