This is for Missy...

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This is for Missy...

Hey Missy,

I was just counting the days, it has been 19 and counting! I am doing okay, for some reason Saturday was a very hard day for me, I was so moody and irritable. My husband just keeps on encouraging me and asking me what he can do to help. All I wanted was a chocolate milk shake! I guess that is better than wanting the codeine, although I do have those moments too, but happy to say not as many of those as days go by.

Thanks a bunch Missy!

I can't send private emails yet, says I have to have 25 posts...I better get busy!
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ok! good to hear from you! Im going to go back and find all your posts so far so I'm up to date. I made a plan for my recovery after finding out some of my ways were'nt working. I really wanted to stay clean. I got some counseling and started going to NA meetings. I got myself a sponsor and began taking the 12 steps.

It's the focus on my recovery through meetings, NA literature and step work that have made my recovery possible.

Do you have a plan?

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hi again! I did some reading. We'll stay here...that other thread is for step one discussions. I saw where you went to two meetings. That's great! I went to as many meetings as I could to meet as many recovering addicts as I possibly could. I gathered their phone numbers until I got the courage to actually call them.

I have free long distance and lots of minutes on my cell phone plan if you'd like to exchange phone numbers.

NA had its world convention in Hawaii not that many years 2005 i think (not positive about that). They have one every two years. Next one is in San Diego. Do you ever come to the main land? I'm coming to San Dieago in 2011 for the next World Convention.

I like to look forward to recovery gatherings. I set goals and like to plan ahead in my recovery.

It will get easier for you as you go. The physical part gets better with proper diet and some exercise. Vitamin suppliments help too. Your sleep patterns will improve too.
Remember it took 7 years to feed your addiction to where it got you. It will take only a few months compared to many years to overcome the physical part. Thank goodness!

more later,
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