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Trish you should be holding your head high and your shoulders back! I love seeing what I am seeing in you today, the school and the not letting that take you back!

In early sobriety others drinking did bother me, but today it is what it is, I don't go looking for it, but if it happens I move on.
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When we enter into recovery, "zero tolerance" becomes a priority. And necessarily so. We remain vulnerable for quite a while after our commitment. However, don't forget, it hasn't been that long ago that we were also in similar situations when dependency ruled. We still need to have compassion, especially for those who have not yet taken the road we now follow. We must always work to replace anger and resentment with compassion and understanding.

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You are right CR. You know. But by me having been there. I know how careless and reckless I was as well. I do feel bad they are suffering. And I truly hope they get a little scare out of this and maybe it gives them a kick in the arse they might need to open their eyes some.
But also I know by having been there. That I had complete disregard for anyone but me and my using. It would have never crossed my mind nor would I have cared that maybe a housekeeper cleaning up after me may be in recovery or an addict. or that maybe someone else oblivious to drugs would stumble across my trash and unknowingly end up getting hurt or sick by whatever I had carelessly left behind.
I was a very selfish, reckless, uncaring, arrogant addict. I could care less about you, the next person or their momma.
There has to be a line somewhere when it begins to affect others. Whether you relize it is or not.
So I do have some compassion. But not enough to risk anyone else's or my safety or healt and especially my recovery.
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...patrisha..hang in
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Cause no harm
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Of course, never compromise yourself, but compassion does not require that.
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