Finally..not sure why its so hard

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Finally..not sure why its so hard

AH is set to begin detox tomorrow AM, and I'm waiting on a call-back to get him setup with a Psychiatrist who specializes in addiction. We're about 36 hours since the last drink and the shakes have increased even since this morning, but he's still okay otherwise. The nurse advised that he may need to drink something to stave off the withdrawals, but so far he's resisting (I'm not sure that's a good idea). We did go for a walk, and he's taking vitamins and drinking gatorade.

One would think that this would be easier to get treatment. I live in a medium-sized city, but my insurance company came up with only 3 psychiatrists who were addiction specialists in my area not connected with IOP programs - lots of psychologists but not MD's. And, there are only three inpatient detox facilities, and 1 outpatient. Only one of those is actually listed in the phone book. I also found out they screwed up the first time he went into detox - they were not supposed to release him until they had him set up with a follow-up appt with a psychiatrist and the only thing they did was set up with a psychologist to start group therapy for 3 hours three times a week. And, the IOP programs won't let you see their psychiatrists until you're in the program for 2 weeks - and then its first come first serve.

At the end of his detox, they are going to put an implant of Naltrexone which lasts 2 months, and they recommend he stay on it for 12 months. Of course, they still think that needs to be in addition to other counseling and aftercare treatment (e.g. 12 step or alternative).

Anyone have luck with Naltrexone? Each Implant is $400 although I can get a 90 day supply in pills through my insurance carrier for $10.
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I have no experience with Naltrexone.

I hope that your husband finds the help he needs and I hope that you seek support for yourself.
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No Naltrexone experience here either.
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Hi puckettcg

I wish you and your husband well. As I'm sure you know detox can be hard work, so for any questions or worries, make sure you contact your medical practitioner.

I've never taken Naltrexone, so I have no experience to offer either.
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