Where to start and how to manage

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Jay, good job attending meetings. Do whatever works for you. We sound like we're in very similar place in life. Family men trying to do better for ourselves and set a better example for our kids. SR has helped me tremendously, and I've been sober for 143 days. Keep posting and taking it one day at a time.
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I could not go to the meeting yesterday. However, stayed strong and away from alcohol.

This is my first weekend since quiting alcohol and my routine upto the last weekend used to be

Friday : Get home take shower and pour a drink (then more drinks)

Saturday: Sometimes, pour a couple of them in the afternoon

I am praying not to fall into the trap and stay strong. I would love to hear from someone how to handle the weekends..


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One day, one hour, one minute at a time. Cravings pass.

No it's not easy. Do something you like to do... talk walks, watch movies, music... Stock up on soft drinks. Attend as many meetings as you can.

Keep coming back to SR all weekend long if you need to.

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Well done. It's my second weekend and what I did last weekend was to keep busy busy busy and more busy. It worked for me and I will do the same this weekend.
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Jay if you have any phone numbers from any of the folks in those meetings call them and just talk about recovery.

Go to some weekend meetings, read the Big Book if you have one, if not you can read it on line. Spend a lot of time here at SR.

BTW I am going to send you my cell phone number via PM, feel free to call me ANY TIME to talk about ANYTHING!
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