I can't get passed two weeks

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I can't get passed two weeks

Long time reader, first time poster...

I've been trying to stop drinking for well over a year. I'm not an everyday drinker, but once I start it is difficult for me to control my intake. I can't seem to make it past the two week mark. After about two weeks without alcohol I feel good and start to convince myself that I don't really have a problem and that it's possible for me to drink normally. Any suggestions for getting past the two week mark and kicking this thing for good? Thanks.
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Welcome! Glad you are here. What methods have you tried so far to help you stop drinking? People here understand what you are going through. I know I couldn't stop on my own--I needed outside support. I find that going to meetings and working the 12 steps works best for me. I have been to treatment in the past though. My addiction had spiraled so much out of control that was what I needed at the time--and stayed sober for awhile afterward--but like you said>the mind would always convince me sooner or later that drinking was ok. Anyway--this place has been a great place of support. You don't have to go through this alone. We Do Recover.
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Hi Weston, glad that you're writing and reaching out.

I went through a lot of the same thing. I went on a regular bender, would feel so sick from all the alcohol intake, take a break for a couple of days........usually laying in bed for most of it and then I'd feel good again and the cycle would be going again.

Have you gone to a meeting? Have you asked for a sponsor? If you haven't yet, my suggestion here, I would do that. Also work the steps. They are crucial and I am a big fan of them. We may get sober but I feel that you have to do the work in order to stay sober.

Keep reading and posting and welcome to SR!!
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I use to do that with drugs. get past the guilty feeling. Get back to living like I was suppose to and a few weeks later. Think it was all good. Cause I always bounced back every time.
But lately I got really tired of having to start at square one again and again.
Tired of that endless cycle of using, guilt, disappointment, depression and then a whole mess of anxiety for the wreckage I had to clean up again for the millionth time.
Like Ang said. I couldnt and cant do it alone. There are so many sober networks available. I have found crucial to connect with others struggling looking for recovery and most importantly, others in recovery already.
There just isnt an understanding like the one shared amongst fellow addicts/alcoholics.
I hope you stick around.
There is lots of info and support here.
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Play the tape all of the way through.

After two weeks, when you feel like drinking, ask yourself why you quit drinking.

Remember all of the bad stuff that can only occur AFTER you start drinking again.

It is easy to forget the bad stuff when a craving arises.

Also - read Veg's post above - AA has a lot of people just like you.

Keep coming back.
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hell,nice to meet you.i drank alcoholically for 20 years,throughout that time there was many occasions where i tried to stop or control my intake,in the end i just couldnt do either.drink was a necessity.i went to AA got a sponsor and got on the 12 step recovery a result of this the cravings are nil and the obsession to drink like other folk has left me.i couldnt as proved many times have done this on my own will power.there are other programmes and support but for me the 12 steps have been a revelation! i was a hopeless,helpless drunk and spiritually bankrupt.i am now happy,serene and feel like i never have and never thought possible.maybe you could check out some meetings near you? you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! keep us posted,i wish you well.
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Hi and welcome. You've come to a good place full of good people and a lot of support. I played the same game for a long time until I was forced to look it in the face. In learning a bit more about alcoholism - there's the word - I learned that for whatever reason my system cannot tolerate alcohol and never will be able to. Instant idiot, just add alcohol. There's no shame in being unable to tolerate the stuff, but once we realize it, we have to take steps to make sure we don't ingest the stuff. You're on the right path. SR is a great place to be.
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Like everyone has said, it is almost impossible to do alone, at least for me anyway. I tried for almost 4 years to try and quit, I would do ok for a few weeks, even months....but was not at all happy and just could not understand anything going on in my life. I finally gave in, lost my big ego thinking I was strong enough to do it on my own and went to my first aa meeting 3 weeks ago. I know it's not the complete answer, and it will take alot of work from me, but I have accomplished more in these 3 weeks going to meetings, getting support, and not trying to do it alone anymore, than I have accomplished in the 4 years going at it alone.
So keep reading and posting. Go to a meeting. It will help more than you think!!! Good luck!
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It was a difficult hurdle for me to get past a weekend. That was where I always picked up again. I'd be good all week, but then Friday night I would drink.

I finally managed to get through the weekends when I realized that I needed to change my routine. I also humiliated myself to the point that I didn't just forget how bad alcohol was for me. I had to keep reminding myself of these things. Find alternative activities that don't involve alcohol (movie, gym, walking, sports, etc).

I made lists too. I listed pros and cons of alcohol in my life. I kept this somewhere I could easily access it when I felt like I wanted to drink. That way if I couldn't think of the reasons not to drink, I had the list somewhere nearby to remind me.
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Hi Weston and welcome. I think many of us fall in the same category as you (myself included) where after enough time passes without drinking we feel stronger and kind of convince ourselves that we never had a problem in the first place! It's amazing how many of us here can do that. I'm actually amazed that I continue to do that and want to get out of the cycle.

I don't have all the answers, but this time I tried documenting all the ugly and stupid things that resulted after drinking my last time. When I start feeling strong again and that I like I don't have a problem anymore, I'm going to force myself to go back and read (in great detail) what my hangover felt like, how miserable I was, etc.

Good luck and stick around!

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Thanks everyone for the helpful responses. There is a lot here for me to think about. I've tried to stop on my own, but it hasn't worked. My new plan is to keep reading SR and look into AA. Thanks again.
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Keep coming back, you'll find a lot of support here.
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good job weston
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I try to focus on the Fact that if I start using again I have a
much greAter chance of creatively; yet unitentionally killing myself and or someon else!!! Seems to work!!! First two weeks were tough. Mentally I felt like I was I the twilight zone, physically major adjustments PAWS. It does get better. Best of luck... Keep posting and avoid "triggers".
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Hi Weston,

I am glad you posted.

For me, I had to mentally accept that I deserved a good life and that I could do well. I sabotaged myself for a long time because I was afraid of succeeding. I didn't know what to expect, if I actually succeeded in staying sober. Once I got past that menal roadblock, I was fine.
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Curious about AA?

Please read this for information about meetings

Your First AA Meeting<

Welcome to our recovery community....
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Hi Weston

I think many of us have that cycle - we stop for bit, feel good and think we obviously overreacted last time and start again...SR helped break that cycle for me.

Coming here every day, writing about my own troubles, and especially reading about other peoples, helped me realise I wasn't overreacting at all and I really needed to do something about this.

I hope SR can do the same for you

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Towards the end of my addiction, the only way I could manage to piece two consecutive sober days together was by reaching out for help. I found many, many helping hands here in SR

Many people also use formal recovery groups, such as AA, SMART.. The point is, you don't have to do this alone.

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Originally Posted by Weston View Post
Thanks everyone for the helpful responses. There is a lot here for me to think about. I've tried to stop on my own, but it hasn't worked. My new plan is to keep reading SR and look into AA. Thanks again.
I totally support that thinking.
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