decreased sex drive?

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decreased sex drive?

hi folks,

just curious, has anyone else noticed a decreased sex drive early on in sobriety?
i'm on day 19 and have noticed as the days go on that that part of me seems to decrease on a daily basis.

also, i find it a bit of a challenge having sex sober in general (we've had it a few times in the past 19 days but not nearly as much as we used to when we were using). i used to love booze for that actually - made me a lot less inhibited & for some reason even hangovers for some reason used to fuel my drive (i have no idea why).

i guess it's almost like i need to learn how to have sex sober. ?!

but anyone else notice this decrease early on in sobriety though??

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Oh yea...

It does get better. I am a year, and things are fine...

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Yeah, same here. It's not so much the "drive" part that's slowed me down, but it's the insecurity of doing it sober that's getting in the way. My logical mind tells me I'm being stupid....this is my wife.....the love of my life.........we're committed to each other til we die. But still...........

[EDIT] I'm starting to learn there's a lot of small, unexpected hurdles with sober living and this is one of 'em. This too, shall pass.[/EDIT]
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That's because your mind is on other things..for the time being..

"Worry gives a small thing a big shadow."
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I find that I am aroused a lot easier in the past couple of weeks (I have 18 days) than I normally would be...I am like noticing the opposite sex and checking them out way more now...but...I too used to be super horny when I was hungover...what is up with that anyway???
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