What to do, What to do.....

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Angry What to do, What to do.....

Its friday again... day 6, tomorrow will be a week since my last drink.... BUT its payday.. im frequently hearing the little can/bottle calling my name.....
The only meeting is 75 miles/1.5hrs away, sucks living in a small town... I asked my cusin what he was doing tonight. I said i was thinking of making the trip just to make the meeting, haven't been to one in over a year. He said "Hell Nah", i asked, " why not". He says because hes getting drunk....... as if it wasnt bad enough..... I have a bad feeling about tonight.
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"I have a bad feeling about tonight."

Start having a good feeling, and find something to do.

You are not a 'victim' of Friday night, or a 'victim' of having money.

If you are looking for a reason or an excuse to drink, you WILL find one.

You are in control of your own destiny tonight, YOU... no one else.

If you drink, accept the full responsibility and blame. It won't be Friday night's fault, it won't be anyone else's fault.

Don't do it. Don't drink. Drive the car all night if you have to.

I'm pulling for you here man... stay sober tonight, you CAN do it.
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two choices then ........stick around Sr and wake up in the morning with half a chance of a decent day.......


the magical mystery tour of a night on the sauce......

it could be jail.


a gutter.

corner the market in people after your blood

and then you could be up in the early hours to do it all over

i know what ill rather do.........
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it's all happening
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There's an online meeting going on right over here ...

You could do that. Although it sounds like maybe you've already given yourself permission to drink tonight, because your cousin is? Why did you stop drinking in the first place? Has that reason changed any in the last 6 days?

I stopped drinking last Saturday, too, and am not looking forward to the weekend. I tend to associate "relaxing" with getting drunk. But I feel like drinking has got me -- like I've got dozens of little fish hooks under my skin. And if I don't stop now, it'll just keep pulling me under.
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You have decided because I've done this a 1,000 times myself. It is a trap and you DO have a choice to ignore the can. Change your patterns of behavior. Go see a movie. Sit on this site all night. Go do research about dying from booze. You'll be happy if you wake up clear headed tomorrow.
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Well, you could drive to the meeting, stick around here, or go out with your cuz.

Your choice.
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You can hang around here at SR where you'll get lots of support.

Staying sober can mean making big changes in your life.
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it feels like maybe i have given myself permission to drink. The guilt is starting before i even have a drink, if that makes since.....
Maybe i was just looking for a reason to drink or trying to talk myself into it?
Im just scared of myself.. I know what will happin if i go out now matter were i go or who i go with...
I'm gonna stay home and close to SR...
I already knew what i should do i guess was freaking out...
Thanx for the wake up guys.
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whew! That was a close one! You just need to make it till 8pm or so, then you can read until you fall asleep in bed. I do it every single night I'm sober.
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We have free will and the decisions r ours alone 2 make.
Do U really want 2 give up your 6 days?
Stay strong, DO NOT DRINK alcohol, have a Cola, Pepsi, ice tea, anything but that poison.
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Good call LR
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Get to the gym, I am telling you quitting drinking and exercise has made me lose 20lbs, I am a size 34 waist and a long distance runner from putting the bottle down, eating right and putting in 90mins 4 times a week.
Also what good is it to waste money on something that you will regreat it is hard./...get to a AA meeting those help also.
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