My phone is working--wow!

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My phone is working--wow!

Oh gosh, I can't stop bawling like a baby. My phone is back on. I am so grateful and blessed. I may never know who did it, but they have given me a wonderful gift.
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i remember your last post about your phone. it just started working again? someone is looking out for you....... thats great news considering how we all are now with our cell phones. my grandma always says " what did we do before cell phones"? we are lost without them.
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aka Glenna :)
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Yes, somebody is. I can't stop crying that somebody would do that for me. Feeling a lot of emotions at once, can't stop them.
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Have the faith to wait a little... I find it hard myself, but it's funny how things do fall into place.

Happy you've got your phone back. If my phone or Internet is down, I'm a basket case.
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Cath more then likely your phone is back because of some one passing on to you freely what was passed on to them.

Would you like to pay them back double? Remember this, and then as things keep getting better for you an opportunity will come for you to pass on something to some one else who needs something..... anything badly that you can provide them, when that opportunity comes PASS IT ON!!!!! Debt paid in full!!!!
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Hi Cath,

I'm glad this happened for you.

Taz is right. Being in recovery has made me appreciate things more and kindness to ourselves and others is what matters. You will find an opportunity to pass on your gratitude to someone else.
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I'm so glad Cath
and I can't agree enough with Taz and Anna

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