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I'm having a hell of a time not smoking. I only get strong urges to drink at night time but with pot its all day every minute. On top of that when night does roll around I just want to drink and smoke at the same time. I'm having trouble eating and sleeping. Had a really vivid dream and woke up drenched in sweat. I've used a variety of drugs yet somehow pot and alcohol are the only ones that I have a real problem with. I'm having trouble explaining myself because my mind keeps getting jumbled and I can't really concentrate on just one thing. I can't talk to any of my friends, they are all drug users and probably think me trying to quit is a waste of time.
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Hi and Welcome,

You've come to the right place if you want to stop drinking and smoking pot. We do understand that it's hard, but you can do it.
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I havent smoked pot in a long time. But I remember I would crave it. Be grumpy without and feel like I couldnt function without it.
I got to where it just made me a big lazt tired blob. And then paranoid. So I stopped.
It is possible to get past the thoughts. This is a great place full of supportive people.
Hope to see more of you. HAng in there.
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Hi again backpacker

Giving up pot was hard for me too, but it was a good deal easier than giving up alcohol. Don't lose hope - things got better for me after a few days.

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Hey Backpacker89, I used to smoke a lot of pot, but I always did it when I drank...I found I got to jumpy and paranoid just smoking it by itself...But in combo with beer everything evened out. I quit both 15 days far so good. You can get through gets easier. Oh, and those night sweats are just detox...just the body getting rid of the alcohol. Depending on how much and how long you drank you might want to check with a Dr. if you have severe detox symptoms...detoxing from alcohol can be dangerous. Welcome and good can do it!!
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Hear you on the that is was perma-high wake an bake till sleep. Very easy to become dependent but once you stop for a week you'll realize all things you've put off or could've done and have a HUGE energy burst! Sleep will be your biggest challenge, and thats what gets me. Sweat it out. You can do it if you want.
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