Happy Birthday Impurrfect!!

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Happy Birthday Impurrfect!!

You are one of the most helpful, kind and giving people I have met on these forums, and I am grateful to have had the pleasure. I know life has been beating you up pretty hard these days honey, but your still sober, and you are a beacon to us all. I sincerely hope your birthday is filled with joy and peace.~Lisa

Happy Birthday Amy

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:day1 to one of the nicest kindest smartest people I know!

I hope your birthday is filled with joy!
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Happy B-Day, thanks for being here.
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Happy Birthday...dearest Amy....
Happy Birthday to you....

Have a wonderful one!


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Happy Birthday, Amy! Hope you had a great day! :day1
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Happy Birthday Amy

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Happy Birthday, Impurrfect.


Always loved your name.
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Happy Birthday Amy :day2
Hope it's been a good one

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Happy Birthday, Amy!!
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Happy Birthday Impurrfect,
hope it goes well.7
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Happy Birthday Amy!! You are like my biggest inspiration here. I have learned so much from you. Not only that it is possible to shake that dam monkey off. But you have kept the most understanding and supportive heart I have ever seen. There is no arrogance to you at all. And I love that about you. You have always been there for me. Even when I wasnt looking. Even when you are goin through it too. You always find it in you to put your own stuff aside..Even just for a moment to lend your support. You are def a very very special person. And I am so proud and grateful to have you as a friend. Now we gotta get our butts to a tropical island for some much needed R&R some day. Love you AMY!!
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Happy Birthday Amy
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Thanks everyone!

((Trish)) I totally agree on the island thing!!!

I am sick..think it's some leftover bronchitis that never went away because one of those essential things to get rid of it is rest and I haven't been doing a lot of that.

So, just sent the rest of family out and one of the cats and I are celebrating a quiet house and just laying around.

Hugs and prayers!

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Happy Birthday

All the best to you
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