Why do we have to act like we're so tuff?

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Originally Posted by Sara420 View Post
this is exactly one of the reasons why you people cant understand or help me... you all think that substance abuse is "the problem" and if we all hold hands and and pray and somehow manage to stay sober than everything will be alright... well my substance abuse is a symptom of my problems, and I'm not really sure what what those are. And if i dont understand it, than no one else can either. until i figure out whats really wrong with me it wont make any difference if i'm sober or not.

im not sure if that was on-topic or not, but i had to get it out
Sara, exactly. you need to find what works for you. I agree that things like aa seem strange (never been) if it is to you, then use a close friend or family member who you know you can trust not to divulge your problems that you don't want out in the open. Talk to them almost daily.

Yes drugs and alcohol are band-aids, sometimes covering deeper problems. For me its a mix of both, half depression other half is I just love to party, laugh and be around friends but all these vices are present in party scenes and of course I say yes. I just grew up ingrained in the ****, and gave up all hobbies besides partying. Try exercising, doing things you've put off, setting goals.
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