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l was looking at some photo's from not so long ago.
You could so clearly see that l was under influence on allmost all of them.
Puffed up face, red watery eyes, and "that look"...
l am a bit ashamed when l look at them now.
Any else had this ??

"You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough."
William Blake
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that would be an awesome photo thread.. before/after.

And yes, those old photos of myself all doped up or drunked up disgust me.
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l don't wan't to give people a fright with my "before" pics...
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Yes, Penny - and at the time I didn't even realize how horrible I looked - all made up, hair fixed, but so bloated and glassy-eyed. I keep one in my purse as a reminder & glance at "her" now and then. Lest we forget.
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in this day and age where every kid has a phone-cam or a digital camera in their pockets i have been caught in some very less than flattering photos.

embarrassing doesn't even begin to describe the feeling. ashamed. can't even come up with a good word for how low i feel when i've seen those.

just one more good reason to not drink.
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It is good to hear from you Penny.
Glad all is going well.
Personally I do not like to have my picture taken and in most of the pictures I do have there was always a drink in hand. I always looked like I was having a great time but I guess things are often not the way that they appear to be.
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Yes, I can tell too, UGH!!!! Now I just have to deal with the regular ol' wrinkles as I approach my 40th year in life, EeeeeeeeeeK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have photo albums full...or I would have if any of my mates had been sober enough to work a camera...

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Mate i looked like absolute crap! I couldn't even walk up a flight of stairs without sweating! Bloated face, pale the lot! Ovet the years i had to tell people at work that i had a cold, like i caught one every other week which would explain days off and why i was constantly bwalking around like the living dead with flu like symptoms....truth is ive only had about 5 colds in my adult life!!! The rest was...well y'know;-)

When i finally lose the last stone of the 3 stone overweight i was ill put a before and after pic is insane!!!
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[QUOTE=smacked;2375500]that would be an awesome photo thread.. before/after.

no way!!!! how embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last edited by Kez; 09-22-2009 at 11:26 PM. Reason: The quote thingy didnt come out properly, and it still didnt, oh well use get the pic LOL
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I look at photos back when I was drinking and what jumps out at me is the bloat in my face and my puffy red eyes. That and I would say that most of the pictures have a beer or some other drink in it.
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I never realized how bloated I looked until I stopped drinking. The eyes were also tell tale for me. They were glassy and I looked like someone hit me over the head with a frying pan.
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I sometimes wish I had some photographs of my old apartments. There were bottles and wine boxes all over the place...heaps of garbage. It was hard to place a foot anywhere without stepping on something.

Some of those images are burned into my mind...I suppose I just wish other people could see the madness.
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