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on the day i quit my liver was very painful and somewhat hard.
during my drinking:
daily diahrea.
vomitting every morning....usually just bile because when i drink i don't eat.
terrible headaches.
extremely puffy eyes.
horrible acid reflux....pepcid ac's stored
bad color to my skin.
constantly getting what i call "alkie bruises" on my forearms if i hit them against anything.....purple looking things...i've only seen 'em on other drinkers.
no stamina to do anything.
high blood pressure.

health since i've quit (only 15 days so far):
no puffiness around the eyes.
no acid reflux
no vomitting.
normal bm.
no bruises on forearms.
bp is down to normal.
energy to do things around the house.

pretty good tradeoff.
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Originally Posted by Hilltopper1972 View Post
Slightly yellow eyes
aching liver(i assume) you know me??? j/k but that is a name i can relate to.
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When I was drinking my anxiety and depression got a lot worse.
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Is it hot here or am I crazy?
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My health and psychological state worsened after I quit drinking. My mind would race, I couldn't eat, when I did eat I usually returned the food through the same opening. I was living a 24 hour panic attack. At 21 days sober I experienced delirium tremens for two days - sweating, shaking, freezing, explosive pooping, throwing up bile then blood all in the same commode. Blood pressure skyrocketed. After about 30 days sober I started feeling better. At 60 days sober I ran into an old friend that knew me from a health club. He asked me, "So when is the benefit concert for you?" I knew what he meant. I had gone from 145lbs down to 120lbs.

The very next day I started back at the gym and made sure that I was eating properly and getting enough sleep. It took me about one year of sobriety before my mind began functioning clearly. Panic attacks and shakes lasted about six months. I am back to 140lbs. Have never been healthier or stronger in my life. Sober for 3 years, 11 months, 11 days, 6 hours, 17 minutes (but who's counting).

Not only must I pay attention to maintaining my sobriety, I pay very close attention to my physical and mental health. Eat well, exercise and read books.

I wouldn't be as healthy as I am if I wasn't sober.
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Fatty Liver
Enlarged Spleen
Enlarged Heart w/ Heart Murmur (Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy)
Sleep Apnea
Weight Gain
Dry Skin and lips
High Blood Pressure
Loss of Apatite
Irregular Sleep Patterns/Insomnia

Panic Attacks/Fear
Memory Loss/Black Outs
Angry Outbursts

Every single thing on the above two lists evaporated within 30 days of my last drink except for the Weight Gain which took two years to loose 107 pounds.
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