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Sending prayers and good wishes your way for peace of mind and sobriety. :praying
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So padriac glad to hear the beast is resting for now. So what were you doing before to stay sober? Did you stop doing it? What are you planning on doing extra this time?
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Well, Taz, whatever it was I did before certainly got lost. I haven't set a plan as of the moment, I know I must. But right now I just want to sit and stare. No great elaborate scheme to lay out, no great thoughts... I just want to float a bit. No direction, just close my eyes and drift. Of course the alcohol is not in the present, so I'll be just here for a bit. No powerful words, just the sounds of the crickets outside, singing the last songs of the summer.

I am tired, tonight. I would like to hang around, but the last vestiges of the flu have left me drained (no pun intended, lol) The moon didn't rise again tonight; for that I am thankful. I believe I'll just go to bed smiling...knowing there will be no fuzzies in the morning. Good night, all you healing drunks out there, you are my pillars.

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