The 4 week positivity challenge-Join if you wish

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The 4 week positivity challenge-Join if you wish

Since I joined here I have been doing one challenge or another and it is helping me remain sober.
I started with 90 whines in 90 days courtesy of Rusty Zipper
Went on to
100 day OS free challenge courtesy of Smiling Jack
Next it was
The 16 week Fitness Challenge Courtesy of me
and next is
The 4 week positivity challenge.

Seeing as remaining positive and not beating ourselves up is important in early sobriety I feel it is relevant to the newcomer and should be posted in this section.

You can create youer own rules if you wish to join but my two criteria are as follows.
1/ Everyday I will post something positive about myself and my life.
2/ If I am feeling negative thoughts I will address them and attempt to eliminate that negative from my life by spinning it into a positive.

Day 1
I am glad that my wife forced me to quit drinking because my life is much better now that I am a non drinker.
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Galatians 5:13
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I am so happy this morning. The sun is shining - no clouds in sight; the real and the perceived. I have an entire Saturday to do anything or nothing. Finally a Saturday where I don't have a small window to fit everything in before I take my first drink. I love that I can now exercise after 5:00 p.m.

First up - a walk in the park and then washing the dogs by the pool!

Have a great day everyone.
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1) gods plan works

2) mine does'nt

just for today i will be as happy as i make up my mind to be !!

good challenge. god bless
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I got nothin'
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Good thread, Fub.

Day 1.

I do not let anyone do my thinking for me. I love this about me. My thoughts belong to me and no one else. This has made me into a strong person. I grow more every day because I take ownership of my mind.
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Great thread:

I LOVE Leona Lewis's 'Happy"

YouTube - Happy - Leona Lewis
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Great Thread. I'm really good at letting the little stuff drive me nuts. Just for today, I'm gonna blow it off...and maybe that can become a habit, maybe!
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1/ I can do this. I can stay sober today.

2/ I recognize the mistake I made this past week. I will stop and think before I react to what I perceive as negative events in my life so I do not have to regret, rehash and beat myself up over my rash reactions. I have learned about myself from this event and I will advance now.

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Day 1.

I am happy that my husband felt better about working on a Saturday because I won't be drinking today, and that I don't feel like picking up a drink because my husband is working on a Saturday (or any other of the myriad justifications I had)
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Great Idea!

1- I"m happy my Daughter is no longer sick.
2- Happy my house is clean
3- Happy to be clean and sober =)
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I'm glad that someone suggested I try an AA meeting because now it's day 10 sober and I feel so much better about myself and my life.
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It is really nice not to be dehydrated every morning. Never realized I was until I stopped drinking.
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It was a beautiful early fall day. I rode my bicycle 25 miles... I feel good about that.

No real negatives today.

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can I start tomorrow?

LOL ok

day 1
I'm glad I was able to get back to sleep a little this morning after a rough night

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Im happy that this is the first day and 2nd chance to a new life.
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day1 i'm on holidays, the weather is beautiful, am sober!! not hungover!! going outside to the sun
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Positive= that there is a forum of people who consider this a worthwhile topic.

& that I'm one of those people.


I'm in, day 1 (a multi-function day 1 in my case)
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I will accept this day for what it is... a gift.
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Looking For Myself...Sober
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I like this thread. Its sorta like my Whats good today thread in Dailky Newcomers.

Well. I am all abotu positivity. Its amazing the things that you can do with a little postive thinking.
So even tho I am exhausted from working some really crazy hours this weekend.
I am so happy I have a job. I am so happy that I can do just about any job in the hotel becasue I wouldnt be getting a full week if not.
I am working on getting over ,my doubt and fear of school. And Its like 6 am. I have been up since 2:30 am. After working til 4:30pm yesterday and midnight the night before. I feel really good today.
Looking forward to getting started with school tomorrow.

Thx fubar. Great idea. I will join you happily.
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bona fido dog-lover
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It's a good thing I'm no longer spending all the money on alcohol. I couldn't afford to be spending it and now that I'm not, I have fewer money worries.
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Learning to live again
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Thankful for not sleeping late with the curtains drawn - greeting the day with anticipation, not dread or remorse.
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