The 4 week positivity challenge-Join if you wish

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Originally Posted by Gypsy Feet View Post
I love being me today, because basically I rock=)
Gypsy Feet you do rock. That statement picked me up
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I'm late but I am in.....

I have realized that in a strange way, I am thankful for my last drink. It has given me the courage to finally seek out help instead of trying to do this alone. I actually feel relieved that I messed up, otherwise I would still be struggling on my own for who knows how many more years.

Thanks, this is a great thread
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I am happy I have my two beautiful children and it is not too late to get recovery again.
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Week 1 Day 5
I have to mention my other son who is in his last year of university and has been working and saving every summer.
He just got his own apartment for the last year of his education and I am happy that he wants to be strong and independent. If I wasn't being positive I may be saying that I am sorry he doesn't want to live with us anymore because he can't stand his old man but I am sure that is not the case.
If only I had 23 more kids this challenge would be much easier.:rotfxko

For anyone starting late that is OK just go the 28 days and at the end you will have a list of 28 things that are good about your life and will have more control over letting negative thoughts hindering you in living a sober life. That is the main purpose of this exercise although it is also nice to read everyones shares. I can see some progress in some people's attitudes and it has only been a few days so keep at it everyone.
Your posts are appreciated.
I have been posting in one area or another at SR daily since the day I quit drinking a few months ago and it has helped me greatly on my quest for a new and better life.
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I got nothin'
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Doh! I skipped a day! I forgot. Ugh.

Belated day 4:

I keep truckin' along. I've been able to practice mindfulness at times. I'm learning how to get more control over my emotions. Long process...

Day 5:

I stand up for myself now and I don't back down. Before I let things pass. I realized yesterday that the reason I did that was because I didn't love myself enough. I had to constantly keep myself knocked down a few pegs to cope with negative people.

I won't give people a free pass for ignorance towards me anymore. I will stand up for myself. No one will or can do it for me. It's taken me a long time to get to this point.

I'm working on outing myself wherever I can. Soon everyone in my life sphere will know I'm gay...that I exist. I am here. I matter.
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A bit late to join....

So happy today, stared a new college course on Monday (4years long) and am sober (coincidental), I have so loved throwing myself into books and study, and its helped me so much.
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Day 3 Spoke to my wife about my drinking. She maintains it wasn't a problem. I maintain that only I could recognize how much of a problem it was becoming. The conversation didn't go well, and I think it's settling in with her (after 135 days) that I'm genuinely changing my lifestyle and this will affect her. Me taking more responsibility for myself and not cutting loose with alcohol means she'll feel more inhibited to behave that way. She hasn't said as much, but I suspect she's feeling that way. Internally, she's probably asking herself why should she have to have less fun because I've become a prude! Nonetheless, we broke a little more ice on this topic, and for that I'm positive and thankful!
That said, any thoughts or advice are appreciated!
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I am thrilled I found these message boards and the strength to attempt recovery again. Thx all.
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Day 5

My oldest's SOL scores arrived, and she owned that test. Missed only three questions total and a perfect score in Mathematics (8th grade math when she was in 6th)

I may have been doing a whole lot wrong but there were things I was doing right, and I can do them better now that I am sober (though she deserves all the credit, really). I am sure she is also happier that Mom isn't pounding a beer while helping her with her Algebra.

Even if that means I can't quite get why I don't get the same answer for problem #46...because I have been doing problem #47

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Well, I'm on my way
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I'm grateful that if the detox center still doesn't have room this weekend, my fiance and kids are going to come visit me. I'm grateful
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I have accomplished more in the past two weeks, going to aa, than I have in the four years of trying to quit on my own. I do not have any answers, but for the first time ever I know I will never move backwards again. I will never be perfect, but I will always keep moving foward to the life I really want to be living in.
Can't wait to get there!! One day at a time.
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Well, I'm on my way
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My wedding dress arrived this morning. It fits. It's perfect. And the man I'm going to wear it for supports my recovery 100%
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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding mariechi and it is good to hear that your SO supports your efforts.
My wife is my biggest supporter in sobriety. :rotfxko If I drink it is
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positivity- all I can think of today is that I am grateful for how good I feels when I actually make decisions!
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Learning to live again
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Very happy that when the phone rings now I actually answer it instead of pretending I'm not here. I also answer the door instead of hiding. The old me just existed, never took part in life.
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Looking For Myself...Sober
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Hard to be positive at the moment considering I feel like I have been shot down.
But I guess now is the time to be even more positive. So no matter what..I will always follow my heart.
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I'm grateful for this carrot/celery/garlic juice I am drinking that I just juiced that garlic has some kick to it!!
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I will play well with others today.
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Yesterday was difficult for me. I was talking to an old friend and some of the things he said bought a lot of negative thoughts to me.
I tried analyzing them and only came to the conclusion that he annous me. I think I will save this for the upcoming tollerance challenge.
Week 1 Day 6
I live in a great country where the health and welfare of every citizen is the concern of the government. For this we pay high taxes but in my opinion it is worth what we have to pay.
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I'm sober. Despite missing a lot of work this week I managed to meet an important deadline. I look forward to the blissful indulgence of a full body massage tomorrow.
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