The 4 week positivity challenge-Join if you wish

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Well, I'm on my way
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Woke up a bit cranky for no reason whatsoever, but reading all the positive things here makes me determined to find something wonderful about this day. I know it's there, just have to keep my eyes open.
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Learning to live again
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I'm so thankful that I once again will enter the weekend determined to stay sober, with no desire to pick up no matter what temptations might be put in front of me. Too many precious years wasted to ever go back there again. I won't wallow in the past, though - I will feel free as I face tomorrow, knowing I'm no longer in chains.
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Originally Posted by Fubarcdn View Post
Week 4 Day 6
I have no desire or obsession for material goods. I feel no jealousy over the things that others have and I genuinely believe that having things like big houses and cars has nothing whatsoever to do with ones happiness.
Quite agreed, Fub. Nice things are....nice, but they don't make you happy and contented.
My happiness comes from staying sober because, from there, all the good things happen.
Funny how I understand that fact 100% yet have still gone and picked up the drink after long stretches of sobriety. (In the past!!)
Quite mad!
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Week 4 Day 7
My last day of the challenge and I walk away with a list of twenty eight things that are positive.
When I encounter a difficulty I can refer to my list and likely find strength from one of the positivities to counter the struggle I am facing. This is the main purpose of this thread for me and I want to thank everyone that has participated and joined me in this.
For those somewhere along the way of the 28 days keep it up. I am sure a list like this will help you in your quest for sobriety.
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Well, I'm on my way
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The time has really flown! I don't want this thread to end! I've heard it takes about 28 days to form a new habit, break an old one (depending on its strength).

Yes, life - good days, bad days - can be handled and handled so much better without the drinks/drugs. It's truly a new lease on life.

I don't even think anymore of even wanting a drink. Can't think of anything much more positive than that.

Thanks to everybody on this thread for all the positive vibes!
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Learning to live again
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I want to say thanks again Fub for starting this, it's been a huge help to me. Just knowing I wanted to come here and say something upbeat made me shape up a few times & not wallow in misery. Everyone shared such great stuff - I appreciated all the insight.
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Positive today because I've been sober a month:
Things are more clear
I'm more active (less lazy)
I can deal in a more healthy way with situations with my angry AH
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i am still smiling! I have a new friend too! And much to celebrate over with my family!
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