Getting out of the way

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Getting out of the way

I heard a guy speak in a meeting the other day about his friend who died from this disease. He said "...He just couldn't get out of the way." My sweet ex-husband died a few months ago and I think I know what this man meant.

My ex carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. He seemed emotionally attached to everything in his life. He was very spiritual, but very attached to the meditation, practice, and intellectual side of spirituality and struggled with FAITH. He couldn't take himself out of the equation and just let God do his job.

I am struggling with that today too. While I have let my HP handle most of my stuff with prayer, etc, I am trying to hold on to some things I feel very attached to.

So my questions, my friends, are these:

1. What does it mean to you to "get out of the way?"
2. HOW do you turn your will over to a HP?

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1. For me, it means that i do not react according to what my brain tells me to do or react according to what my emotions want me to do. i try to act on spiritual principles instead of letting my personality dictate how i should live.
2. For me, i surrender my will and my life to the God of my understanding, wait for direction, and proceed with what my heart believes to be the next right thing. i pray & meditate to learn what God's will is for me and then move forward.
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I think it's very easy to do and yet very hard to do.

To me, getting out of the way, means letting go of my control issues. It means taking a step back and therefore removing myself somewhat from any drama or chaos that comes along. It means knowing for sure, that I am spiritual being in a human body.
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I struggle alot with this.
I am good at getting in the way.
Like Anna said..Its the control factor.
On top of that, I like to do everything my way.
I tend to over analyze alot of things.
Think too much.
I think getting out of the way means you also need to learn to let go.
I still havent gotten how to turn anything over to an "HP".
I have yet to figure out what that is.
But I do go along the belief that things happen for a reason and what goes around comes around.
So whatever I cant deal with. I just do what I can in the time I can. And do the right thing. And all should work out.
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