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Small mountain

Hi there peeps

I feel a bit of a fraud because having meandered through this site for the last 2 or 3 days, my drinking problem is tiny compared to a lot of people on here. I certainly admire those who have had a massive issue and have beaten their personal demons.

When I was drinking my max was 4 cans of lager or guiness, occasionally a bottle of Baileys for variety of an evening. When I first started I was drinking 1 bottle of wine and that was it. I don't even get any kind of buzz from the amount I drink, so for me it seems to be a habit more than anything.

It becomes a problem when I say to myself that I will have 2 lagers tonite and have the other 2 tomorrow. Yeah right! If it's there I'm gonna drink it.

All I know is it wakes me up at antisocial o'clock in the morning and I need my sleep, therefore IF I don't have the alcoholic label then I know that I should stop drinking in the evenings so that I can wake up not feeling tired.

I also know that my 11 year old son is worried about me, but he is the worlds biggest worrier about everything, he will be pleased that I making the effort.

My husband, who I am separated from also seems to bring the worst out in me, when I have been drinking. I tend to tell him exactly what I think, I wish I could do that when sober, but my head says I can't because he has so many mental health issues.

This site has given me so much, even though I haven't really put my two penn'orth anywhere. It makes me realise that wallowing in self pity really doesn't help.

By the way I have not had a drink for 6 days so far.
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Congrats on your 6 days greebobeebo.
Don't minimise your achievements - you're doing well!

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I don't think you're a fraud. It matters not if you drink 4 cans or 54. Congrats on your 6 days
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Thanx for that both of you
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Keep it up, six days is great!
You're not a fraud.
It doesn't matter how much or how often you drink.
There was a time when I didn't drink much or often, over the years it changed for the worse.
It's better to quit now.
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In my opinion anyone who has had a difficulty due to any amount of alcohol 'earns' their place here.

Don't wait for a problem to get bigger before 'validating it' as a problem.
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If alcohol is a problem for you, then it matters not the 'size' of others' problems with it. You only live with you, so it matters to you and doesn't matter how bad it is in relation to anyone else.

Congrats on six days! That's a great start.
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Thankyou all. I am floating rather than wallowing now!
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welcome to SR greebobeebo.

Trust me, you are not a fraud, you should hold your head high that you saw your problem before it got worse. In AA we say:

"It is not how much you drink, how often you drink, or for how long you have drank that determines whether or not your an alcoholic, it is what happens to you when you drink!"

If you feel and say you have a problem, then you do, do not let anyone tell you any different, if your drinking is a problem in your eyes then it is a problem for you and that is all that matters.
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