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Day one detox, can't sleep

So I am actually feeling pretty darn good. Not really anxious, a little head-ache. That's about it. The problem is I can't sleep. I went to bed early (about 10) after a nice cup of hot chamomile tea, and just laid there for over 3 hours. I finally got up and hopped on here because I was accomplishing nothing laying in bed tossing and turning other than making my wife mad! haha. I seriously think I don't know how to fall asleep with out the assistance of alcohol. I am so used to tossing back a few at night that it puts me to sleep. I don't think I remember how to fall asleep sober anymore? Anyone relate this this?
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I think most people relate bdiddy. For me the first week was pretty rough sleepwise, but it got better. Some people only have a night or two's trouble - hope you're in the latter category

we also have a Insomnia forum if you haven't seen it
Insomnia/Nightmares - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

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Hang in there!!! I went through the same thing and after about a week I was amazed at how I just crashed out, so cool!!! I used to think that it was the alcohol that helped me nod really screws with you.

I hope you will tell us how the sleep goes after your week+ is up????

Welcome to SR!!
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Just let yourself have a few days of crappy sleep. Pile up some books and DVDs and ride it out. Things won't be normal for a few days. I am 11 days sober, and my sleep patterns are still a bit wonky. I am going to bed without the aid of sleeping tabs or wine, but I am still having some tossing and turning.

But that's okay! Because I STILL have more energy the next day than I did when hungover.

Ride it out, read books, take hot baths, surf the net. Give yourself some time to restore normal sleep patterns.
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Hi there I'm going to tell you what everyone else told me when I was in your shoes and now with hindsight i can guarantee that they were right:

it does get better!!

What's more you'll soon find you're getting a much better quality sleep and won't be waking up a few hours later.
Like turned said I find i need less sleep than before and I have more energy the next day.
Just be patient (no i'm not very good at that either : ) to be honest the first few days are sh**ty but afterwards it's much better.

I hope you'll have more sense than me and not frequently relapse because everytime I did I had to go thru those first few days again
For every day further away from a glass of wine I find I feel better!

Hang on in there and keep posting!
"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up." -
-- Mark Twain

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I was one of the lucky ones, I slept like a baby, but then again I was medically detoxed, I have absolutely how many meds I was on, every 4 hours they were checking on me and giving me more meds!!!! If I had of been a pill head I would have been in heaven! LOL

I know most of us do have insomnia, I have heard folks say that no one ever died from a lack of sleep, but millions have died from booze.
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I got your PM...I am too new to be able to respond, but thank you! I didn't sleep either. I had this weird thing that my hands and feet were itchy to the point I was convinced that there were bugs in the bed but my husband was fine and I am fine this morning. This is day 2, we will see what tonight brings! You hang in there too!!!
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My sleep was pretty wonky for the first week or so.. otherwise I was lucky too, quit cold turkey and was at work the next day (miserable, but there.. and surprisingly not fired.. but that's another story!)

You WILL sleep.. it takes months for our bodies to heal..
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sleep was definitely a problem for me when i first got sober.

i also remember once, in my first year of sobriety, that I didn't get any sleep for about a week. every night i would try to sleep next to my wife and i couldn't...eventually i would go to work in the morning feeling exhausted...i'd come home, go to a meeting, wind down, and couldn't sleep. it became a nighmare and i remember feeling scared that i would never sleep again.
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