One month today!!!!

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One month today!!!!

And it practically just dawned on me! It's become a way of life not drinking, and I'm trying not to focus "too" much on counting days, because that can also be dangerous, but I actually can't believe that I am one month entirely sober today! To list the benefits, I'd likely be here for days, so I won't.

I will summarize by saying that it's been hard, I won't lie about that, it's still hard sometimes. I have to face my demons, myself and my life without my "crutch", the booze. And it makes it harder to do it "naked", without that fake courage anymore. My marriage has been through some tough times as of late because of it, but since we love each other so much, it's actually been a blessing more than anything, I no longer put up any walls. We communicate so much better, my husband doesn't feel like he's walking on his head all the time in talking to me, or trying to figure out what kind of a mood I'm in everyday. Or if I am in a bad mood, it's no longer due to the fact that I'm buzzed or drunk, it's a bad mood day just like everyone else has. I'm learning a lot about myself, and knowing that I can face life without it, that's the most important thing. It's so freeing to love someone and do it with complete honesty! I don't miss trying to hide how much I consumed during a normal day, or deny how "drunk" I really am, or sneak shots into my glass while making dinner. Honesty is like an anvil has been lifted from every area of my life! Nothing like it!

My daughter who turns 10 on Sunday told my mom today that she is so happy that I no longer drink, because she "has me back" and we are so much closer. All of this is true. and it's wonderful!

Just wanted to share! I'm happy and productive and more loving and understanding than I have been in many years and living like this joyous! Just wanted to share, especially to any newbies, and tell you that it is SO worth it!
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this gives me so much hope, especially when you talk about your R with your husband. loving someone in complete honesty... i can't wait for that experience (i just hope my sack of woe isn't to full to mend things with my ex). so good for you and thank you for showing what there is to look forward to.

i wish you well,

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You sound great NTSL
Congratulations on your first month!

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Congratulations on your first month of sobriety... good job!
You sound so happy & energetic about your new life...that's fantastic!!
I've got just about 2 years of sober time in, and let me tell gets better & better...the rewards keep coming, life takes on a whole new wonderful comes back to our lives & sets up permanent residence.
I'm so happy for you... enjoy your milestone day!
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keep it going.. ODAAT!!
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Congratulations on 30 days sober. One day at a time.
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Congratulations on your 30 days of sobriety, One day at a time.
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Good work, pleased to see you are seeing a whole new world a sober life opens up to us.
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WHOO HOO! Congrats on one month! Today is day 31 for me, and seeing your post has made me want to continue celebrating
*does a little happy dance and prepares a bowl of ice cream*

I'm so glad for you that you're life w/o alcohol is going well! I hope that things only get better for you and, though the temptation will rear its' ugly head from time to time, know that you've got a sober buddy here that is on the same timeline as you, cheering you on!

Best wishes,
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Isn't it wonderful to see how much can change in 30 days? I'm so happy to hear that things are opening up with your family.
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