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Congrats on 83 days! I wish I had 83 days!
Keep up the hard, but good work.
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Congrats on 83 days

Keep up the great work, we are all here for recovery & understand addiction.

Take Care,

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everything is already ok
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Welcome to SR.
congratulations on your 83 days. You came to the right place
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Follow Directions!
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Welcome to SR & congrats on now 84 days.
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Why Exercise Helps Me

Originally Posted by lauraandersen4 View Post
JFruit... A lot on here have turned to exercise. How has it helped YOU??? How does it lifting weights help you keep your mind off of things like that? Does it work after you get home from the gym as well? If not, what do you do then? Congratulations on 83 days!
It helps in dealing with stress, I lift weights and swim shower feel fresh and ready to take on my day. I am not on edge and a lot pleasant to be around. In addition to the glow of my physical appearance.
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