Wisdom of the Rooms

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Wisdom of the Rooms

Quote of the Week

"The less full of ourselves we are, the more room there is for others."

During my first year of recovery I worked as a municipal bond broker, and I hated every minute of it and barely made enough money to survive. As I drove to a meeting one night I was obsessed over a big deal I had just talked someone into, and I was worried sick that the prospect might cancel the order. As I drove along consumed with self-centered fear, I had a moment of clarity.

From out of nowhere my thinking shifted to today's quote - I had heard it a few weeks before - and I suddenly knew exactly what it meant. I realized that if I arrived at the meeting obsessed with this deal then I wouldn't be present for the people at the meeting who needed my time and attention. In that instant I had my first God shot, and I've remembered that lesson to this day.

Today I realize that thinking less about myself not only helps me to feel better, but it does something even more important - it allows me to be present for others and so enables the miracle of God and the program to work through me. I also know that my only hope for long term recovery and happiness depends on my continued ability to be of service to others.

That's why today I try to make more room for myself by being less full of myself!
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Thanks for that thought for the day, it is so true and so freeing as well, one of my God shots was along those lines, I had a realization that it was no longer all about me, I actually felt a part of, a part of AA and a part of the world, I was no longer on the outside looking in like I had felt for many years, I was free of self! I work daily on maintaining that.
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Being in recovery doesn't mean thinking less of yourself... but thinking of yourself less?
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good stuff.. thanks believe!
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