De-lurking and overwhelmed...

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welcome back meanders

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unbelievable comeback by you....awesome. thank you for sharing this. it truly is inspiring.
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I forgot to add some of my other, decidedly less healthy tools (lest I come off as some extremely well-adjusted person)...

Lots of cable television, snacks and ice cream, coffee and diet coke! I feel guilty sometimes, but these are vices I can live with! I feel a little lame sometimes, but recording shows on my DVR has gotten me through many a late night. I know it rots your brain or whatever, but better rotted than pickled.
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Thanks for coming back with such a wonderful update!!!

I know that when I decided to get into recovery from crack, I had to leave my bf behind as he was still using. I just couldn't be with someone still using, in my face every day. Good for you for distancing yourself (even if you are still sharing custody and he lives close by) from your SO!!

Way to go on school!!!

The difference from your first post to now, is simply amazing. Keep up the good work!

Hugs and prayers!

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Great job!!! Always nice to hear the positive results!!!

There is a better path for ALL of us........ya gotta be willing.
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Welcome back meanders, congrats on your sobriety time. Therapist can and do help tons of people, at least half of the people I know in AA are seeing or have used a therapist as a part of thier recovery, heck in the BB it mentions we should use medical professionals where ever they can help us.
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