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Brand Newbian

Hey guys, im new here and trying to make some changes. I am still in the mind set of just trying to sober up for a while and then go back to moderation. However, I know that if I really do have a problem then I gotta stop forever. It is just hard to think of life without at least alcohol, the drugs i can live without. Also, I was wondering; I take prescription drugs so is that ok? I take ambien to sleep but I never take more than im suppossed to. Anyway, im glad im taking these steps to try and make changes for the better.
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Hi and Welcome,

I'm glad you found us.

I hope you find some good information here.
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welcome aboard bnf...
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Welcome to SR backnforth, gld you found us
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Good to see a new member. Welcome to SR
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Welcome to SR!
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Welcome to a good place for support and information. I'm glad you joined the family.
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Welcome to the site, backnforth!.
It's good that you recognise that you have a problem. That's a start.
Cutting back or drinking 'in moderation' just won't work..I've tried that, and it didn't work.
As for the prescription meds, it depends what you're on, as most docs will tell you that some meds can be addictive. If you're just talking about the sleeping pills, and you're following the dosage guidelines, then that's fine.
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Good to meet you backnforth.
Moderation was never a goer for me either - tho I tried for 20 years.

Not sure what you mean by are script drugs ok - we can't give med advice as you know - if you mean from a sober viewpoint...if they're prescribed for you, and you take them as directed, I can't see how anyone could have a problem...

welcome to SR
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"I am still in the mind set of just trying to sober up for a while and then go back to moderation."

Let me know how that works out. I failed miserably at that endeavor.
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Hi backnforth! This is a wonderful place filled with interesting and supportive people from all over. At a young age you're deciding if you have a problem - so you may never have to put yourself through the hell that many of us did. Like Dee, I tried to control or moderate my drinking for over 20 yrs. It failed spectacularly and almost killed me in the end. Oh, to have those years back and live them sober, clearheaded and sane.

Congratulations on having the good sense to call a halt to it if necessary! We're here for you 24/7.
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Hi Back, As you will hear from others, trying to cut back to moderate drinking is a non-starter. It won't work. If you think you need to moderate, then you fall into the category of a person w/ significant alcohol problems (dare I say alcoholism?) I suggest that you attend AA for a while, for there you'll learn for certain whether or not you're an alcoholic.

As to the prescription meds, talk to your doctor. And please let him know you have a drinking problem. He's the best one to advise you on this matter.
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Welcome to the community!!
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Welcome to SR. I agree the moderation thing doesn't work. If you can take a prescription medication AS prescribed, that's great. But Ambien is one of those drugs that can be addicting.
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Hello, bnf. Welcome to SR!
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Welcome. I suggest that you go to an AA meeting. At least in England and as a male and from a 'working-class' background and area I believe it would be nigh on impossible to 'accept' sobriety without regularly attending AA meetings, I tried and failed many times and caused myself a good couple of years of yo-yoing back and forward, back and forward with myself. It made my life impossible to move forward in all aspects as I always knew that that next binge was always looming and would set me back in whatever I did, so I didn't do 'anything' really, just worked and got wasted at weekends, played some gigs, started to get positive and get things moving and the BANG big binge sets you right back to square one again.

All the best anyway pal.
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