Today is Monday

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Today is Monday

And it's gonna be a beautiful day! It's my second day sober. (And my second day since finding SR. I might add that I have gone weeks and months without drinking, because I am mostly a binge drinker, but since I found this site I have made a conscious goal to quit.) I woke up feeling refreshed and proud of myself. No dark demons lurking this morning! I love that! I actually woke up nice and early, had some pep in my step, got ready for work, and my lil guy in in his highchair now eating some breakfast while I say good morning to you all.

Yep, it's gonna be a good day, and I'm sure as heck not drinkin'.
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hello sounds like a beautifull day take care gb cindy
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Awesome, we all can decide to have a great day, and if it starts to go to crap we can stop the day and then decide to start it anew!

Just stay in the day, in the hour, or even in the minute.
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That's wonderful! Hope you had a fabulous mothers day!

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Similar story

My first day here, and I'm like you: Trying to start anew with some help here in SR. Thank you to those who replied to my earlier post, and I hope we can inspire each other.
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Glad to hear everyone's having a great day. Make it even better by going to an AA meeting. I plan to.
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