you are beautiful.

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"For the record.......she has been touched by the father of light....and is sober today......"

Your post touched me to the core, trucker.

And, this sentence moved me to tears. I, too, attempted suicide more than once.

A victim of abuse. It is why I became a social worker for Children and Families.

I was forced to retire due a disability..but my doctor says I am 'almost there'..

and can start by volunteering.

It is posts like this that stir up that drive, or gift, or whatever it is ..anything I

have and can give back to help one such as your dear friend in my own

community. And it makes me want to work harder on my own program and

recovery so that I can..

Prayers, for her. That the father of Lights will continue to watch carefully and tenderly

overly this lamb..

Thank you again for posting this..


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thanks sher

get well real soon..........angels like you are in short supply.

If im honest i couldnt be a social way too.......protective with vunerable people.........i just cant help myself.

i know where it comes from......childhood stuff.

i just want to eliminate people problems rather than encouraging them to find their own solutions....

My wife says this.....if you move all the big rocks out of our granddaughters way......she will never learn how to go round them.....

Some of us are meant to be angels........and some are just meant to be

god bless you......and speed your recovery.

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truck, you just made my day.

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