Kinda new here.

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Kinda new here.


I'm radar. I need help. I am struggling with alcoholism and drugs. If i don't do something, i won't have long on this world. I feel like i might be crazy. I've been doing real stupid stuff lately.
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Welcome Radar,this is a great site to visit and maybe you can tell us a bit more about yourself... We're all a bit crazy at SR,thats why wer'e here.Stay cool, Kim{OZboy}..............30 days sober by:"1 day at a time."
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Welcome! I am so glad that you are here. You have come to a wonderful place, and you are not alone. Keep reading and posting.
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Welcome to SR radar.

I reached a point where I needed help to. I still need it to stay clean and sober. This is a good first step reaching out because we can't do it alone.

Have you tryed getting help elsewhere? Meetings, Therapist, treatment etc.
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Living in sobriety
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Welcome Radar, keep posting and let us get to know you. I am an alcoholic and A.A works very well for me. My life is so much better now.
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I can relate to the feeling of "crazy"...or "going crazy"....

i'm staying clean and sober, but sometimes the "crazy" still comes.

welcome to SR. and good luck
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Welcome Radar,
This is a great place to get help. Let us know more about yourself and your alcohol and or drug problem and you will get lots of help from people that care. I had to get help and after I did I found out that I could stay sober and not struggle anymore.
Glad you are here!
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Hey Radar..

Today is my second day sober off drugs and I can understand the "crazy" feeling...please always remember you are not alone...
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radar let me tell you that you are not alone first, recovery is possible for anyone who really seeks it. I would highly reccommend that the first thing you do is call your doctor or a doctor.

Not sure exactly what you are feeling or thinking, but there are hot lines you can call that can get you immediate help if you really need it.
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Welcome to the family Radar! YOu've come to a good place for support and understanding. Have you considered any AA or NA meetings? Lots of support in those rooms. We have a Substance Abuse forum here too if you'd like to check it out. Glad you found us!
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Welcome What tools do you have right now to help you quit? Have you quit yet? We're here for you along the way!!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Good to see you here with us....
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Welcome radar - there is lots of support here at SR. Read around through many of the threads and you will get an idea of who is here and what SR is like. It has been my lifeline (now have more than 90 days sober).. SR is wonderful.

Good to have you here - a big step toward tackling your problems!
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Hi Radar! Boy, if I weren't crazy, I sure wouldn't be here. You're in good company, however. I know i understand where you are coming from and I am certain others do too! Welcome to SR! This is a fantastic place for recovery, help, support, and information! Just the other night, THIS was the place I came when the desire to use was strong in me, the other night. It's been fleeting all week, but it was particularly strong the other night. I am so glad you are here! Keep us posted and keep coming back. Don't be afraid to tell us a little about yourself.
My DOC is crack cocaine! I spent two years strung out on it, fooling myself that everything was OK, even though I went from having my own place (rent), 6 vehicles (including a race car), a 20 foot enclosed trailer, and over 60 grand in the bank, to NOTHING. I was helping my ex steal from money from his parents business, sold myself for it once, that I can remember, lying to all my friends and family, neglecting my duties as a mother, and all sorts of terrible stuff. I joined the NA in November of 2008 and managed to relapse a few times, actually substituting pot/alcohol/pills for crack or using crack and saying I was still clean (my thinking was I got it for free, why should it count, right??- DUH). But this time around, I am 72 days clean, no substituting, taking my prescriptions as directed, and going through the withdrawals. It's still a little tough, but I AM actually happier and I have a little bit of money in my pocket again. And a cleaner conscience and more peaceful spirit. I like the direction I am heading much more than the one I was going.
And remember, the past is the past. You can't change it. All you can do is accept it the best you can and try to move on. We're here to help!:ghug
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