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Monday excuses!

Hi all,
thought I would list the excuses I told all my previous bosses as to why I
could not go to work.{never,ever said HANG OVER**, lets go..........


Anyone got any more ?
Kim {OZboy**
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Learning to live again
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You couldn't use most of mine, OzBoy - such as, "Ripped my pantyhose when I stopped to get gas - had to go home and change." There were other "girly" ones too, but then
there is: Lost a tooth filling & trying to get dental appointment, grandmother died (4 times in one year?), Car wouldn't start - neighbor trying to fix it, Fever & Sore throat, don't want to make anyone else sick by coming in, Son running fever - trying to find babysitter, neighbor had heart attack - waiting for ambulance. I worked so close to my house, someone could easily have come by to check on my story, but no one ever did!
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My boss some years ago would say after the usual rubbish...

"Dont bxxxxxt me sonny..your pissed again aint you".....

"get some coffee and get your ass down here"

That man was like a father figure to me and i felt bad for a long time for letting him down...

Eventually he fired me..........thank god he helped me crash and burn quicker i think.

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Resident Awesome Guy
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Panic attacks
Pregnant wife was sick

These were the ones I have used more recently
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

*New life started on 10/26/15*
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Never settle.
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Stuck 250 miles from town at boyfriend's house due to [insert car problem of choice, usually flat tire] and won't be able to fix the tire until BF gets off work.

Hahaha. I have changed more tires than I can count, all by myself. My dad made me prove I could do it before he would let me drive his car when I was 16. But... my boss didn't know that.
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. --Bob Marley, Redemption Song
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i was help up by a Mad Band of Gypsys
Grateful I'm Ok Today
Rule 62
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I used to go to the pub between shifts... thinking a half hour nap would cut it... one day i got up and bounced my way up the hallway... hitting every wall many times so... my ex phoned work and as it is Scotland and was snowing said i had been hit off my bike by a car...
The trouble was everyone wanted to see the bruises the next day... which i managed to avoid but the guilt of them all worrying made me think twice about going to the pub again during a split shift...
Well.... at least till the next day anyhow....
Im so glad i dont live that life now
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Wife has left me.
Cat died.
Sore throat.
Have to go to hospital with child.
Did not sleep all night.
Got hit by a car on my way.
etc, etc.
Went on for 20 years.
No wonder they fired me.

We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter. ~Denis Diderot
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not a greeter
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Originally Posted by Rusty Zipper View Post
i was help up by a Mad Band of Gypsys
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Something's wrong with my eyes, I just don't seeing going into work today, LOL!!!! Ok, I had to do that, couldn't help it.
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I had had back surgery so my boss new I had back problems so I continued to use "back ache" as excuse
stomach problems - must have ate something bad
Female crap - that was my favorite since I have worked for a man for the past 11 years he never asked questions about that one

"Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up"

"With God all things are possible"
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