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Alright Im Not Sure... ??

To start I drink a lot, I drink until I cannot drink anymore. Although this is usually only on Thursdays and Saturdays sometime Tuesdays. Right now I am a college student getting great grades hoping to one day work on the stock market. Everyday I am thinking about drinking but it really doesn't bother me until the days I have laid out. Sometimes I wish I was like some of the friends at my school, the people who don't drink and don't have to.
My Question is how to I fix this How do I control what is happening? Can I ever drink again?
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Why not take a break from drinking?
As you have noticed....not everyone drinks.

Alcohol is a toxic chemical....for everyone.
A lot of people quit to improve their fture.

You might find this interesting...

Reviews, Music, Books Arts, Entertainment news -

hope this helps you decide....
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Welcome to SR crimson

I agree with Carol, try taking a break.

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sure you can drink again, its always there for the taking. although its not the drinking thats the problem, its the living and dying. Alcoholism is a progressive dying and it often takes many years before the alcoholic wakes up to the reality of the moment.

In that moment the alcoholic knows what alcoholism is but rarely knows any more what real living and dying is any more. We become hardened to it all. Like a soldier in a lost battle, we give our best hoping we are doing the right thing by fighting the good fight even though we know we are doomed. Alcoholism is crafty and unrelenting in its trickery to feed off its host without killing itself dead. In the end of course, death is inevitable.

There is hope. Recovery from alcoholism is totally possible. it happens everyday all over the world to all kinds of hopeful persons of every walk of life. living sober is not just the opposite of dying drunk. its a totally different experience than just not dying.

I'm not saying you're alcoholic, i'm saying one way or another, someday drinking won't be the problem you think it is today. You'll know what i mean if you ever become an alcoholic. Then you'll have a choice to be a sober drunk or a drunk drunk. Drinking wont be a problem then. Staying alive will be though. There is a solution and may you find it now. And if you don't become an alcoholic, well, then drinking won't be a problem then either.

IMO since you're posting on a recovery forum and you wish that you didn't drink as much, why not follow your guts and your heart and simply attempt to stop all drinking for a set amount of time, something with purpose and devotion. A real challenge that sweats you out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. you'll quickly discover the riddle to the "drinking problem" if you can't keep your own word and promises to yourself.

best wishes.

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welcome crim

see if you can stop, take that little "are you a alcoholic" question and answer thingy...

its someplace around here, maybe someone can direct you to it?

answer it 100% honest...

and you bet, you can drink again, so can i, and everyone else...

after answering that test, do you still want to?

a little hint, theres is a thing called "The Yets"

good wishes crim

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Try not drinking at all for a month. See how you feel about it, if you think about it a lot or can't wait for the time to be up so you can drink.

I started my drinking innocently enough - a glass of wine in the afternoon. It didn't take long til I was drinking all day, every day. It took me months of trying to 'control' my drinking til I finally realized I cannot control it and gave it up completely. I'm much happier without it, and have more money in my pocket and don't wake up feeling sick and miserable and ashamed.

I wish you well! Welcome to the family!:ghug3
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