What do you think? Do I need AA

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What do you think? Do I need AA

I have come to a point where I feel like I don't need AA any more. I have lost I mean completely lost the want or urge to drink. even at social or party situations.

I haven't gone to a meeting in over a week and I don't want to call my sponsor anymore.
I guess my question is. Do I really need to continue those activities that I think are unnecessary. Don't get me wrong I know I needed them in the beginning and without them I would not have 58 days today.
But I feel I am over it. Now when I think about it (drinking)I get sick to my stomach. Am I just lucky or is this one of the phases you go through?

In AA it is a feeling that you must go for ever, is it possible that there are just a few out there that can get what they need from it and leave, and still be successful in sobriety?
P.S nothing against AA As a matter of fact I think its a miracle.
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Good job on 58 days! I can't say whether or not you should continue AA.

I can say that I was at 63 days and went to a bar as DD. I had done it several times, had no desire to drink. I didn't even want the beer, but somehow or other I ended up with one in my hand, and by the end of the night I had drank about 12 and snorted a monster line of meth, as well.

Would it hurt to stick with AA a little longer? It seems like 58 days may not be enough to fix the problem. But, that's me. JMO.
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I know it's not what you want to hear HF - but 58 days is soooooo early.

You may have completely lost the want or urge to drink now, the thought may make you ill now sure - but I'll be very very surprised if it stays that way.

I'm not saying that to put you down or to frighten you or anybody's just my experience - and I can't remember any other poster who quit and never had an urge again either.

I might wrong but I doubt it. Just look at the some of the stories here.

If you're like me, you drank for years. I don't think we can fix all that in two months. It doesn't work like that IMO.

AA might not be for you sure - but don't act rashly. Think about it some more and make a reasoned decision.

best of luck
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I don't do AA but I personally don't really think you or I am "fixed" in 58 days (congrats by the way). While I completely understand not wanting to do AA forever and ever, I think it still is pretty early to walk away. Unless of course you feel that AA is not for you and you want to work on your recovery in a different way, but two things come to mind:

1. Cravings aren't predictable or workable. I used to think that cravings were a product of "working a good program." And that if I really got the message through my system then they would be a thing of the past. The funny thing is they can sneak up on you even when you are doing everything right, at least they have on me. At month three and four it was easy, no cravings, but then wham around month five they hit me pretty hard for almost two weeks. That humbled me a lot and made me realize that cravings will be something that will come, that I cannot banish no matter how much work I put in and are about as predictable as the stock market is right now.

2. AA and/or recovery isn't only about drinking so even if the cravings are gone that doesn't mean that there isn't work left. I am six months in and I feel like I am still at the bottom, climbing up a mountain. I basically feel like I grew up on alcohol, it was my best friend and parent and now I have to relearn life. It is not a quick process. While I am sure the process is different for everyone, what I am certain of is that deep change does not happen quickly no matter how much I have wanted it to. (I also have another theory about addicts' concept of time and results— we like everything and are used to everything happening quickly and in recovery we have to get used to everything happening much more slowly)

But all these are things that you have to decide for yourself and for your own needs. You can always quit going to AA a year down the road. But my advice to you, from another newcomer, is hang around and listen to some more stories.
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I am not an AAer/NAer.
But I think when we feel like we are in the clear is when we need to rethink things.
Great job on your time. But you are still in very early recovery.
I am not saying you need it or not. And not saying your goin to make a mistake.
But just be careful. I know when I get comforatable with everything is when I start to fall back.
Its all what you think.
Maybe think about why you really want to stop going. Is it because you are burdened by it? Or because you really think youll be ok. And know that for sure.
Whatever you do. Just stay aware of yourself and keep some sort of open line to a sober network of some kind. Just in case.
Good Luck.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Well done on your sober progress....

I can't tell you if you need AA or not.
....I remember you did not want to go.
You were determined to rise above your
alcoholism all by yourself.

And now I see you are talking about miracles.
Where did you get that idea from?
How did that happen for you?

I can tell you this...I go to 3 meetings a week.
I have finished my formal steps...years ago.
I've been involved in all sorts of service work.
There is no way in hell....
I'll ever live without God and AA again... do whatever you think you need to do
The doors of AA will be open for anyone interested.

Best of luck to you and your family

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My friend......its great your doing so well.

BUT..this is my experience..or rather what i have seen.

Ive seen alot of good people drop out AA over the time ive been sober.

Some had a month or two....some had a year or two....some multiple years.

Some cos they got bored??..some cos they got a resentment and didnt deal with it....some cos the steps were too much for them....etc etc.

Out of all them them...i dont know how many....i guess 100s.

Most of them returned to drinking......and maybe they left AA for that reason without even knowing it.

Some got back.........some died drinking.....a few took their own life while drinking...

I dont know of any that got on with their life and never drank....i guess there was some.... i just dont see them anymore..

That is my experience....

My advice.....look long and hard with complete honesty why you want to pull away from honestly with your sponsor about it.

Whats your relationship with your sponsor like?

What stage are you at with the program of the steps

Have you tried different groups?

Dont forget and imo....the alcoholic brain chats total b.s and will tell you anything to get you back on the sauce..

think long and hard my friend....

I pray you find the answers and feel free to pm if you need too.

god be with you.............trucker
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In AA it is a feeling that you must go for ever, is it possible that there are just a few out there that can get what they need from it and leave, and still be successful in sobriety?
For me, I tried this and relapsed a couple of times. Now, the idea of trying this makes as much sense as "trying" Russian roulette.
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without them I would not have 58 days today.
Congrats on your days up HF.

As much as AA is a miracle in my life I still get rebellious at times about going to meetings. Never for very long tho. Ten days to a fortnight and my mood begins to slip, my perspective changes and my outlook becomes a shade or two darker. If I continue this way it's not long before thought's of using something begin popping into my mind..just thoughts, but if I don't have meetings to refocus me on recovery, those thought's could well become actions.

But that's just me.
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HF...I can't tell you if you should or should not leave aa...what I can share however is the fact that people, like myself, do leave and remain successful. I stayed 10 months and then moved on. I have almost 2 years sober now and don't feel that aa is necessary for me and my recovery. Recovery isn't a group's an individual it at your pace...just keep going! Do what is best for you each and every day. Best of luck.
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Many of us with multiple years in sobriety have lost the urge to drink.

We stay around to offer ESH to the next person coming through the door for the first time!
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meeting makers make it.. that is my own personal experience!
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HF as Bugs pointed out, not every one needs to keep going to AA, I stay sober using AA and can tell you that I felt very much as you do right now when I had about 2 months, then I had a really bad day and darn near relapsed, if I had not called someone in the program I probably would have. Is that to say the same will happen to you? Nope, not at all, we are all different.

I will say this, right after I almost relapsed I got into taking the steps with my sponsor, today I am solid in my sobriety, but that is not to say that tomorrow will be the same for me.

I go to 3 meetings a week now, for 2 reasons, one is to continue to work on my own recovery and the other is to pass on what was freely given to me to others.

I am eternally grateful to those who have stayed in the rooms to pass on to me and others what was so freely given to them by others.

To me a huge part of my recovery and the most rewarding part of my recovery is working with other alcoholics.

You say you have experienced a miracle, so have I, why not stick around to pass that miracle on to others.

Will you relapse if you quit going to meetings? I have no idea, but I would bet that your odds of relapsing are far less if you do continue to go.

Whether you decide to keep going to meetings or not is up to you, I would strongly suggest you continue to work on your recovery no matter what you do.

For me recovery is being a part of the world, when I was drinking I was not a part of anything.
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I talked to a guy that asked me why I still go to AA since I have no desire to drink. I told him that I go to AA for the same reason he goes to Church. He's repented, he's been forgiven, and he's accepted Jesus as his personal savior. Why the need for Church anymore?
What about the physically fit guy still going to the health club?
Church keeps you from straying. Health Clubs keep your flab from returning.
AA keeps you from picking up your first drink.
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"If it's not broken, don't fix it."

I prefer to carry the message of hope to those who may need it. AA has given so much to me, and that's the least that I can do in return.

I've also been blessed over the years to hear in AA what happens to some who leave, eventually drink, and are fortunate enough to make it back-that the disease of alcoholism is still out there, and it only gets worse, never better.
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Hi HW,

As others have said, I don't know whether you should continue to go to AA or not.

What I do know for absolute certainty, is that, 8 1/2 years later, I am still working on my recovery, every single day, and I always will. I am not an AA person, but I believe the stopping drinking is the beginning of the journey, not the end. I believe that drinking is not the problem, it's a symptom of the problem.
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I have read here and heard elsewhere... Go to meetings until you want to go to meetings. I am only 6.5 months... but I am grateful because...I WANT to go to meetings... I love them. I am not at a point where I think I have much to offer the person coming for the first time, but if I can be an inspiration to the person picking up their desire or 24 hour chip because I am just there... great!
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You might not need AA anymore. Only you can decide.

AA will be there for you when/if you need it.

(Please consider continuing AA, not for yourself but for others. That may be the sign of true recovery.)

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I believe that drinking is not the problem, it's a symptom of the problem.
Anna are you sure you are not AA? LOL
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meeting makers make it.. .... yes they do; they

It's assumed, around AA meetings, that those folks who stop going to meetings, never to return, have gone back to drinking. This is based on the folks who left meetings and returned, tails between their legs, heads bowed, ready to try sobriety again (as their trips back out in the world ended in drinking, and more drinking). Since folks in AA meetings only see others 'in' AA meetings, they have no picture of folks 'outside' meetings, and believe me, there are a whole bunch of them. Unfortunately the folks 'in' the meetings don't see these folks, simply because they're 'in' meetings, and not 'out' where these other (sober) folks are.

Can a person quit AA meetings and remain sober? Sure, it happens all the time. It all depends on how solid a sober foundation a person has. After all, meetings neither get folks sober, nor do they keep folks sober.....I love the line....: it's NOT the meetings we make; it IS the steps we take.

So, HWF, can you quit meetings and stay sober....? I don't know; mebbe yes; mebbe no. In your OP, you said....:

"...I have come to a point where I feel like I don't need AA any more. I have lost I mean completely lost the want or urge to drink. even at social or party situations.
I haven't gone to a meeting in over a week and I don't want to call my sponsor anymore.
I guess my question is. Do I really need to continue those activities that I think are unnecessary. Don't get me wrong I know I needed them in the beginning and without them I would not have 58 days today.
But I feel I am over it..."

If I were you, I might want to look at my the only reason that you went to AA in the first place because you wanted to lose the urge to drink....? (for myself, this was one reason, but I wanted more than just abstinence (stopping drinking); I wanted to continue to live alcohol free, and I found lots of suggestions for this in meetings). Why is it that you donít WANT to call your to call your sponsor anymore? Do you really feel these activities are unnecessary? Well, if that is the case, then by all means.....stop. Iím a firm believer in NOT wasting time on unnecessary things; I did enough of that when I was still active. I guess my question for you might be. Is this all you want? Are you content with what you have. Iím not putting down 58 days, but then again, it is only 58 days of abstinence, and for me, I wanted way more than just abstinence, but then thatís just me.

Well, there you have it.....stay.....go.....itís all up to you. .....oh, and btw...Ē...In AA it is a feeling that you must go for ever,...Ē Yes, there are some in AA who believe that, but I know more folks who got sober in AA, but are not going to meetings any more, than I know folks who are still going to meetings (mainly those are folks who do their Ďgiving backí in meetings, although this is not the only way to carry the message). In fact, there is NOTHING in the AA Program (as outlined on pages 59+60 of the BB) that says a person must go to meetings at all.

I guess thatís all I have to say on the subject. As it says on many of the AA medallions, ďTo thine own self be true..... (o:

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