Hi, I'm bike4life and I regret to admit that I'm an alcoholic

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Hi, I'm bike4life and I regret to admit that I'm an alcoholic

Hi, my first time here and trying to start my new road to recovery, too. I, too, had an intense sober night and I thought :wtf2 am I getting into. It's all madness on the first night and not surprisingly I gave up the next day. I want to try again, though.

I'm already an extreme athlete. I cycle 64 + 41 miles on Saturday & Sunday. So, that's 105 miles over the weekend. Ironically, and that's with heavy-unforgiveable-drinks in between. Then I have a very high-stress job (taxes) with polite-stomach-punching bosses plus a flurry of pre-teens ready to butt-head me when I get home. So, that's why even with excercise and "take a deep breath", my stress can still beat this! And, it was wrong when I found the answer in my strong bottle.

Enough of the self-centered introduction, now let me find that new path to peace, rest, and happiness. And, I hope to find it through this.

Y'all must be...ahh, I have no words for it.

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Welcome aboard the newbie bus!! Glad to have you along for the ride. A lot of us here can empatize with your situation. You've come to a good place to find support, guidance and friendship. Take a look around at the different forums. There's lots to read and learn about. Keep postin', keep sharin'.
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Welcome to SR bike! We all have to start somewhere, I hope you find something that works for you.

I can relate to a little of your story. I used to ride a road bike every night before I got sober. Have you ever wiped out on asphalt going really really really fast? Yeah that's one of my funny drinking stories, I also crashed into a cactus on my mountain bike. Drunk again of course.

Stay safe out there, and stick around here. Nice to meet you.
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Keep coming back, you'll find a lot of support from your fellow recovering alcoholics.
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Hi and Welcome,

I'm glad you found us.

I think that part of recovery is finding new and healthy ways to deal with life and all the stresses involved, and even finding ways of reducing the stresses.
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Looking For Myself...Sober
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Glad you are here.
Wow..Thats alot of cycling.
There is alot of support and info here.
Keep posting.
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Hi bike4life.

Cycling is something very important to me. I bike 14-17 miles on my lunch hour when it's not raining - I try to go 30 to 50 on weekend rides. Time was, when younger and less responsibility, I was riding double centuries. I still do some century rides.

Have kids, not preteens any more, though they are still good for punching me in the arm... ouch

Stressful job... check.

I guess I just want to say that you are not alone here, or anywhere, no matter what brings you true joy in life... cycling, kids, whatever. You want to quit drinking, you are in the right place.

Are you going to try again tonight?... if so, or if not... come back often, tell us more about yourself. I'm 6 months sober, going to some meetings (yes, one is AA) and will be back later...

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Good to have you here
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Psalm 118:24
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Nice thing about the ride sober, you remember the scenery a lot better

Life's too short to have regrets.

for a few years now, I've been living a life without them. Lot better way to travel through this journey

welcome to the site
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Welcome bike4.
It sounds like you have a lot on your plate especially at this time of year (tax time).
Instead of thinking about drinking to release it think about coming here and venting,
People are always ready to listen and say a kind word or two.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome to our recovery community..
Good to see you here
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Hi Im Sharon and Im an alcoholic.

Little did I know back then on Aug.
11, 1990 that i would be heading into
many new changes in my life once
I got sober.

I spent 28 days in rehab after my
family stepped in and did an intervention
on me. After that I went thru a 6 week
out patiant after care program.

I picked up the tools and knowledge
of my disease and thus was set on the
path of recovery learning to live life
one day at a time without a drink.
Just by merely following the 12 steps
and principles set down before us in
the program of Alcoholic Anonymous.

Over the past 18 yrs, i made a move to
Houston with my little family for 10
yrs feeling home sick the entire time
I was there.

In my 25 yr marriage, i was drunk 7 yrs
into and the rest sober. I brought 2 awesome
kids intothe world whom ended up independant
and well adjusted.

When i thought nothing else could possibly
get any better, i returned to my hometown
here to Baton Rouge alone, separating from
my spouse which ended in divorce last June.

I met a wonderful man in recovery and have
just recently remarried which for both of us
is our second time go round.

It's amazing how when we stay sober and work
our program on a daily bases we never know what
good will happen in our lives....sometimes bad
things happen first before they get better.

Today some 18 yrs later in sobriety, i finally
recieved more of the promises offered to us
when i finally became honest in all my affairs....

Because of that I am now happy joyous and free.

Im kinda anxious to know whats next to come
around the bend.
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This is the place to be.

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