Looking on advice for restarting my recovery

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Looking on advice for restarting my recovery

I'm not sure how to ask this, But I've been drinking for about14 years and for the last probably 8 years drink in the 12-15 + beers a day. Also Drinking hard LQ with it. I've tried to quit and have been through court ordered rehab, I stay sober for about 60 days then relapsed and started drink even heaver that before. Almost like I never stopped. Its been a couple of years again and I tried to stop again, but this time I did it by myself. I started getting head aches, and having panic attacks to the point of thinking I'm having a heart attack I started drinking again to stop the attacks. I still want to quit so should I Just cut back until I can lessen the symptoms then quit, Or Is the point where I should see A doctor. I have good Insurance and hold my job, but Lately I've noticed my stomach starting to get tender and uncomfortable. From the research I did , I believe its the fatty liver thing and that's not something I want to go through. I think It's just time. I do want to quit, am I at the bottom yet I don't know but I miss being my self and The small times I used to be sober (those two months) I felt great.

I would love some advice please.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
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Welcome to SR first, I would suggest doing as I did and seeing a doctor and being TOTALLY honest about your drinking history and then do as your doctor suggest.

Mine suggested detox which I did, detox suggested at least 90 AA meetings in 90 days and get a sponsor, which I did, I continue to go to AA 3 times a week and have been sober and happy about it for over 2 1/2 years.

In a nut shell, see your doctor, be honest, follow the docs advice and once sober get into some sort of LONG term recovery program.

As you have already discovered getting sober is easier then STAYING sober!!!!

Doing it alone is done very rarely.

There are folks here who have stayed sober just using SR as a support system, there are others who use a multitude of long term recovery programs and SR. Just find a long term recovery method and work it, if it does not work or you are really struggling try another until you find one that works for you.

BTW no matter what program/programs you choose, they all take work and unless you work a program honestly you can not say whether it works or not. In reality all (That I know of) programs work for people who WORK the program. none of them work for people who do NOT work them.

My solution was AA, but if AA is not your bag then there are other good programs out there as well.

The secret to staying sober is no matter how many times alcohol may knock you down, if you get back up and do the work you will eventually stay sober.
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see above post! (wink)

welcome lest, and happy to see your trying to do something about the problem...

good wishes lest
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Make an honest assessment of yourself as a person. Are you strong and independent and have a lot of self-discipline? Well, maybe you can quit on your own without a program. I know one former alcoholic who did that.

If you don't fit that description, maybe you need the help of a program.
I was so sick of drinking that I decided to try ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I could find to help me quit and stay quit. I found an outpatient program and still use it to meet my therapist once a week. I started going to AA and attend meetings every Monday and Friday night. After about 5 months I started with an AA sponsor.
I used antabuse in the beginning.
I also use my family in my program: everyone in my immediete family is aware that I am trying everyday to stay sober. So they have agreed not to have liquor in the house.
I often refuse invitations to parties if I feel I will be tempted to drink.
It is as they say, one day at a time.
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I can't add anything more to Tazman's great answer. Welcome to this great place of support.

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I just want to say
There is plenty of support here.
I agree with everyone else Tazman pretty much summed up everything I would have said only better.
Good luck.
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Thanks guys for such a fast responce.

I'm going to stop this morning ( or after noon since I just woke up )! I've attended AA meetings when I was in rehab, they really weren't for me. Maybe the AA meetings on the outside are different. I don't know. I 'am going to make a doctors appointment, and maybe get a therapist to help with the side effects. I'm a strong willed person and think I can quit alone, But then again, It didn't work out so well last time. Thanks Tazman53 for the great advice. All of you here seem to truly care. Its been awhile since I've been able to talk to anyone about this.

Thank you guys and girls for caring.
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lestsavagegrdn, I personally have not had a problem with alcohol, but I did have an addiction to opiates, I do know a few people that are alcoholics, and they used a drug called antabuse, and campral, I believe. I could be wrong, but I think that's what they said. You should be evaluated by an addicition specialist and a Medical Doctor. And then take it from there. I know that alcohol is one of the hardest drugs to come off of. But, the good news is that it can be done. Lots of luck to you. Hang in there.
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Welcome to the site.

I'd talk to a Dr. as was suggested.

I've been sober for quite a few years by the Grace of God and the fellowship of AA.

I didn't experience medical problems like you did. I've known of many a people drinking to the point of causing damge to their body that, couldn't be repaired.
They don't call it intoxicate for nothing
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l stopped 2 weeks ago as an outbound patient.
l had to go to the clinic everyday, where they would make sure l took my medicines.
Valium and "refusal" so that l could not drink.
The first week was hell, but it gets better.
Now l can start to work on myself with the help of others.
My advise to you would be to detox and never drink again.
Once you feel a bit better decide on how you will stay good !
But just do it !!

You never know what is enough, until you know what is more than enough. ~William Blake, Proverbs of Hell
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