Great Morning

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Great Morning

So I come into work this morning and check my email. Instead of the standard, "you really need to stop drinking or I will leave you" email from my wife, I got one that said "thank you for not drinking these past few nights and thank you for helping out with our son. You are really helping bring this family back together."

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Nice share C23.
It is good to see your wife being so supporting of you.
I hint to mine that a little encouragement would be nice once in a while but she still hands over her paycheck every two weeks so I guess that is encouragement enough.
I would really like an email like that though.
I am a bit jealous to tell you the truth.
Keep at it. This time is your time .
You have a great family.
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That is a wonderful email! Kudos to the lovely mrs. for recognizing your good work, keep it up.


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That is great news, keep up the good work !!
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That's so cool I'm happy for you! There's nothing like positive reinforcement and acknowledgement from those we love most. How's that for some extra motivation!!
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Hey C - what loving news and we are lucky that you shared this with us.. Your wife sounds like she really does know you and love you - hope we all get that in our lives.

Don't you think that we give ourselves enough grief about this stuff that we don't need it from the outside? I know for me that is the case.. I beat myself up pretty hard about my failures and have to try to keep myself safe from others who come at me when i fail.. For me at least, nothing helps more than loving encouragement.

Thanks again for this post..
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Thanks everyone. I did have a conversation with her that a little bit of recognition would be nice as this is easily the hardest thing I will ever have to do. It is pretty nice to get kind words from the people in your life as well as on SR.
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Hi C!

I just wanted to let you know that all encouragement is wonderful, however, it does seem even more encouraging and heartwarming when it comes from those who have stood by us and who truly care. I have been quick to learn this as I am 9 days sober today!

Once I got past the detox, shakes, just feeling gross and stuff I was able to tell my best friend of 19 years my decision of sobriety and what I was doing about it, as well as, my mother who I have been estranged from for 2 years.

It is the most inexpensive high or buzz going to hear "I am proud of you" of course the work will be daily but with a payoff like that you just can't go wrong, it is priceless!

Good luck to you and thanks for the really does get better!
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Way to go, one decision that changes others as well as me. Thanks bro, keep up the great work!
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I am sooooooo Happy for you!!!!
Keep up the great work!
Thanks for sharing, it brought a smile to my face.
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