TOPIC: Going To The Doctor In Recovery To Treat Ailments

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Thumbs up TOPIC: Going To The Doctor In Recovery To Treat Ailments

Hi im Sharon and Im an Alcoholic

Yep, im still one as of Aug. 1990.

Im here to share my own experiences
strengths and hopes with folks here
in recovery about drinking, family
issues, work issues, spiritual issues,
physical issues....even mental ones......

In recovery we seek AA for our drinking,
Church for spiritual guidance or ur own
preference for faith. Doctors for ailments.
Gyms for workouts.....tatoo shops for
tattoos....salons for

Today for me its about an ailment.

I just recently found out that the
pain in my left leg could be heriditary.

Ive been to the doctor for consultation
and my pain could be due to nerve damage.

Its hard to say really whats going on
with me leg except it hurts.
Of course as we get older, there
are all sorts of aches and pains to
deal with.

Has anyone had problems with their
Sciatic Nerve?
I googled the name and found some
info on it while waiting on the Dr. to
call me back.....

Man i cant let this problem set me
back because my husband and I
have some serious bike riding to
catch up on.

Any suggestions with ur own ESH
on this would be GREAT.!
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I am a cyclist and I know a little about sciatica. Of course, I won't try to give medical advice, your doctor will do that.

What activity/movement/position makes your leg hurt?

Cycling is low impact and as such is often easy on joints... backs? Well, depends...
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Im not really sure what started my left
leg hurting like it does now. Ive always
worked standing on my feet. Retail requires
long term standing and walking.

My last job was in a Bakery where
i was constantly moving from one
end to the other for 9 hrs before
coming home to finally sit.....

Ive never been one to sit for very
long. However since leaving the
bakery ive been sitting hrs upon
hrs here at my computer.....not
good for circulation im sure.

Last yr, i fell on my back side trying
to hop off our motorcycle before it
fell over....we have guards on the
side to keep the bike from hitting
the ground or falling on top of, i forgot that and
tried to hop of quickly and my leg
got caught and i felt like i was slam-
med to the ground like a rag doll
landing on my backside. OUTCH..!

This knocked the wind out of me
pretty good.

I think this aggrivated my already
small pain in my left leg. Now i
began to limp.

Later i noticed my left leg looked
longer which i had not seen before
till now.

Anyway....i find it extremely painful
at times when im riding with my
husband on our Road King. We
have to stop so i can stretch out
my leg.....but it is painful.

I just found out yesterday as a
matter of fact that both my parents
have pain from this Sciatic Nerve in
their left leg too.

Ive been to my primary dr. and
he's not sure whats going on
with my leg so he's trying to
rule out different things first.

He did the ultra sound to see
if there was any blockage and
there wasnt. Blood work is fine.

I can pin point the pain in my
tail bone and the upper thigh.
Mostly in the inner part that
rest near the seat of our
bike..... then while we r riding
the pain travels down to my shin
where it burns.

The doctor thinks its has
something to do with the nerves
in my leg....which nerves,
i dont know....

I read up on RLS restless leg
syndrome.....but i dont have
the twitching.....

I do sleep with a pillow between
my legs so i wouldnt have back
pain and i dont...i read that
somwheres long ago to do that.

Now im wondering if that is causing
more pain to my leg. If i elevate my
leg with the pillow underneath it
then i wake up with my leg feeling a charlie horse.

Anyway....Mirapex was suggested
to try for a month and if that doesnt
help then we move on to something

As of now i dont think that suggestion
is working..... However he's the doctor.

Whatcha think?
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Mine was caused by compression of the nerve in the lower back originally from weight lifting. This was years ago but it does return occasionally. I use a pillow under the knees at night since and find it to be very helpful. Standing in place was the worst thing possible for me. Abdominal exercises were very effective in taking the load off the back and reducing pressure on the nerve. For me it was always a slow process for the pain to go away but it always did. Hope you don't have a Hardtail bike without a suspension.

Good Luck!!
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Well if you were a man I might have had a suggestion, I had horrible pain in my right leg........ I went to the doctor and he asked to see my wallet!!!!!! I thought he was nuts, but I showed it to him, he said I had a "Fat" wallet and to put it in my left hip pocket instead of the right hip pocket, I did and in a week the pain was gone........ a month later I had the same pain in my left leg!!!!

I know carry my wallet in my left front pocket and am pain free as far as my sciatic nerve goes.

Maybe the doctor will prescribe an orthopedic seat for your bike?
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If you trace the pain back to the fall, well then some type of traumatic condition should be ruled out (up to your doctor and you...). Trauma, of course isn't hereditary...

People with slipped disc and pinched nerve in their back from an injury, usually find the sciatica worse with extended sitting - bending at the hip stretches the nerve and aggravates the leg pain. An electric shock sensation or numbness.

People that twist their back from a fall will feel the pain travel down their butt and thigh, but the pain is very much felt in the back. Worse at night and in the morning.

Nerve pain burns... That can be from an injury or a condition that develops on it's own.

May dad was in the program for 24 years before he died 10 years ago... He rode a Harley... There was a club called The 5th Chapter (from the Big Book)...

My bike is considerably slower, but it has 16 speeds!

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Thanks guys I appreciate it.

Its awesome to know that there
isnt anything in this world we have
to go thru by ourselves. All we do
is mention it, bring it up, talk about
it, ask and someone will have been
there, done that and can share their
own ESH on it.

I am an active person....back in Houston
while i was there for 10 yrs....i had an
escape. A place to go to when i didnt
want to be at home....or around other

It was an awesome park with a 2 mile or
more walk/jog track with soccor fields
in the inside area and a little league ball
field also inside the track.....

Anyway...i began walking, then added
some jogging.....i enjoyed it and it was
also good for my AA recovery.

I also have a weight bench and press
from time to time and do some leg
extensions....I also have a nordic trac
and a stepper.....everything at hand
to help with keeping fit.....

Well once i moved back home here to
Baton Rouge, I began working at the
bakery where i was on my feet long
hours with no choice.

Of course when i came home i was
ready to sit. Im an early bird so i get
up early 3ish when working, now 7ish...
but would go to bed early during work
and now since im not active like i use
to, i have trouble going to sleep.


I dont have trouble stretching my right
leg out as far as it can go....but the left
one i can stretch out to the side because
it feels like its catching...

Riding a bike or motorcycle requires
straddling the seat.....or like staddling
a horse....or even ur mate....

You know what i left leg is the one
i have trouble straddling with....

How can i tell the doctor about my
sexual activities in the bedroom....
which is private......

Or to tell him about this and that...
what is comfortable and what is not

Im sure he's probably heard it

Anyway.....ive got to get this straddling
fixed so my husband and i can ride till
the cows come

24 yrs....that is awesome....Im sure
he helped a many people with sharing
his own ESH over the yrs.

It cool when we have someone in
the family that is in recovery to
guide us along the way.....

I am the one in recovery so if
anyone in my family needs help
and guidance then im here for
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so, moving your right leg out to the side causes a catching sensation and pain. Is this a shooting pain down your leg or is it pain at the hip, thigh?

Did this start after you moved wrong from getting out from under the bike?
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The "pigeon" pose in yoga is AMAZING for getting deep into the hip/lower back for a stretch, I had a lot of problems with sciatia (sp..) and started doing that pose on both sides and feel much better! You can probably google it, it's hard to describe lol...
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Moving the left leg to the side feels like it is catching
on something....

I use to take ballet when i was little and still enjoy
using some of those point ur toes to the front,
side and back. Rotating it round and round.....

Or point ur toe to the front lift ur leg, lower,
point to the side, lift ur leg, lower and repeat
the same to the back.

Good stretching excerises and lengthens ur

Or if u sit on the floor and bring both of ur
feet together and press down on ur knees
to widen ur legs....

All those widening or side lifts hurt the

Have u ever poped ur nuckles....or
pull ur fingers to pop ur nuckles....
thats what i wish someone could do
to my feels like it needs to be
poped to relieve that tension in the

Thanks guys for sharing ur ESH with me
on my leg is much appreciated.
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Hi Everyone,

Please let's remember to not ask for or give any medical advice.

If you would like to help Sharon, you could use PM.
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given that the pain is related to movement at the hip, especially when you move out to the side of your body, you might ask your doctor about your hip joint. pain in the hip joint can easily radiate down the leg...

good luck... it's getting to be the season to be on your bike, and... well, it's always the season for romance
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Ill take Anna suggestion and keep medical
advice to personal messaging....

Ive contacted my doctor and ill work
with him to find the best solution
to my pain. Right now the pain isnt
as bad since i slept without the pillow
supporting my legs.

Ill take it a day at a time monitoring
the progress.

Yes, today the weather was awesome
for bike riding,,,,,I think the weather
for the weekend will continue to be nice
too, so we are planning to get in some
riding then.

Happy cycling to you as well.

And thanks guys for the helpful
replys to my post.
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