Passages - The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

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So now I will ask the question again ( what 5x now???), does the book "The Cure" address the "peculiar mental twist" that precedes the first drink?
That was already answered, but I'll answer again, yes. I'm sorry you can't read the book, it would likely be helpful in answering your questions about it Chapter five (as already posted) goes into several epidemiological theories as to what is thought by the author that contributes to the start of dependency on alcohol, drugs, and many other things. We're comparing virtual apples and oranges here.. if this book and it's contents dont meet your ideas of what a recovery program should be, stick with yours. Still somewhat clueless as to what's causing so much preachy defensiveness..

The OP found the book, asked for thoughts on the contents. Some contributors here have read it, and offered personal review. I agree that sticking with the topic at hand is probably most helpful here. If you have questions about AA or would just like to post your thoughts about it, start a thread, write a blog... go to the AA part of the forum, there's an audience for most anything recovery related here. Hijacking another thread to argue 'my way versus your way' is pretty uncool in my opinion.. but again, it happens all the time.
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I'd ask everyone to take deep breaths...and stick with the thread topic - or we can close the thread.

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Winston Churchhill's definition of a fanatic was someone who couldn't change his mind and wouldn't change the subject.

Why is AA even mentioned in this thread again? then why the subsequent discussion of it's merits and how to work it when either the posters on here were already clearly already working AA or not interested?

Why is this book being knocked by someone who hasn't even read it yet claims to be knowledgeable about alcoholism?

The mind reels

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OK, despite repeated requests - it seems all posters want to do here in this thread is discuss other posters.

As the OP here has not posted since March I'm closing the thread.

Anyone genuinely interested in discussing the merits of this, or any other book, is free to start a new thread.

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