Class of March *2009*!!!!

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Hi everyone. I'm joining the class of March. 3 days now.
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Hi all - joining the Class of March as well. Actually started in late February but seemed to miss that boat, and have been lurking in the 2 weeks and under thread. 28 days so far, and still feel like a newbie!

Deep Blue
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We Do Recover
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March 17th here..... O' HAPPY DAY!
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March 2 here! day 21!
For me it gets easier the longer it goes!
Hang in there everyone! Your doing great!
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Day 5 here.
Today I had to do a couple difficult things - basically having to humble myself and ask for help in terms of getting rides to work and meetings. It's scary. I hate asking for things - I like to take care of things myself. I hate even picking up the phone to call someone.

But I did it.
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Today was day one for me. Best of luck everyone!
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Hey Hugh's Dad:
Read your story on another thread, glad you are here! I have 19 sober days under my belt now. I felt crappy the first few days, drank a ton of ice water with lemon, and started taking vitamins (Emergen-C), that helped me a lot. Physically, I feel much better now as each day goes by.

Still trying to deal with anxiety/stress issues, but it really helps a lot to come on to SR and find out what is going on with everyone and to share our thoughts. Hope to see you here in the March forum for a long time!
Good Luck, Lynx
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Thumbs up Congratulations. to the Marchers














hughs dad

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Look forward to the lifetime journey with you all...Add me as a friend if you want!
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to all fellow Marchers,

i should have been a class of dec, jan, feb but i'm resolved this will be the class i "graduate" with. day 7 for me. i have been feeling really edgy this weekend but taking a few walks and a long warm bath have helped. maybe i just needed to get the message that its not just about not drinking - its getting back to taking care of myself physically and mentally in other ways. as i read that last sentence it sounds so obvious...but i haven't been taking care of myself for a couple of years.

i couldn't have picked a greater group here at SR to walk and talk with to a healthier future. thanks for your support and i'm here for all of you. sweet dreams and have a great monday!
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Today is day 1 for me. I found this site from a google search. Any tips on the most useful parts of the site for a newbie?
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Chat Room if you want some live people to talk too, Newcomers to Recovery, Alcoholism (if that is your problem) and Alcoholism - 12 Steps has been great to me.
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Hi, i'm new, this seems like a nice place, happy to be here and hopefully get some support
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Hi fellow Marchers! Day 29 and not feeling too positive. Don't get me wrong, I know my body is healing and I am so grateful for being a month sober. But the more sober I get, the more I see how much more I have to do to improve my life. Perhaps that's a good thing - a least being sober means I can notice those things - perhaps for the first time!?

I have decided that I need to focus on the principles of "simplicity" and "balance" in all that I do. Because I still live a lot of my life in chaos and disorganistion. It is going to be quite a challenge, and it will mean that I have to completely change some of my old routines. I am going to try and be very specific about how I apply these two principles: I will be looking for simplicity and balance in what I eat, what I wear, how I talk, who I talk to, how I spend my time, how I think. Vague principles can be interesting at a conceptual level, but I want to see what they feel like when applied to everyday life. This is my project for month two of the new sober me...

Just sharing and thinking out loud.....

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Hi XO4, Lelia
Welcome to SR, glad you are here! This site has been a big help to me since I have finally gotten serious about not drinking. I started out in the "Newcomers to Recovery" area, and also read a lot of stories in the "Stories of Recovery" area. I try to check back here periodically too. Looks like we are getting a big group of Marchers, hope everyone sticks with it.
Also, If you want to get active in the forums, just click the "New Posts" button to see what some of the most recent threads are. I haven't gotten in to the chat room yet, but I understand they have both non-AA and AA meetings. I might check it out tonite, starts at 9 est. Hope to talk with you soon Lynx
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March of 1999 was the last month of my drinking. Keep up the good work, keep talking to others. I am also taking my own advice as I have been out of the loop for some time and as a newcomer myself I am very grateful to have this forum at my fingertips. Keep it simple and take one day at a time.
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Day 5 here, feeling good today so far, only been up for an hour though..Had a good sleep and ready to tackle the day.

Have a great Day
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Congrats to everyone who made it to this thread- it means we aren't out there dying.

Day 2 for me. I have relapsed more times than I can count. So I decided to check into a 3-6 month rehab program. Been through the shorter ones I but didn't last long after I left. I check in on Thursday.

Now I just need to make it until Thurs without picking up. It has been hard since I lost my job. Too much spare time.

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Day 5. Finally got a great night's sleep last night. I fixed the tires on my mountain bike last night, so I plan to get outside for a nice ride tonight after work.

Hang in there everyone. Before long we'll all be celebrating our first month!
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As they say around here, just take it one day at a time, if that is too much then one hour at a time, if that is too much then one minute at a time. Use your free time to your advantage. You have your target date. Only 2 days to go. Draw strength from this site.
You can do it!

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