i'm Sorry.

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The only person you have to be sorry to is yourself. We are just a bunch of people with the same issue trying to get better, and everyone understands. Just take care of YOU!
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mt, try to get off the pitty pot!

as mentioned anyone that wants to clean up "their" act is welcomed here...

the magic word mt... (their)

the work is on your end...

if no one answers a post...

start searching the forums...

hey, if one cant find some words that can help , or one identifies with here...

their in the wrong place...

keep at it mt, and never give up that hope!

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It's time to change!
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Hello Mtn Magic!!!

Hope you're feelin' good, better, encouraged today. Meeting tomorrow? I'm available until 3pm.... Just an FYI.......!

WE care here and I care only 2 miles from your house!
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Please don't use a delayed response to set yourself up!

The voice of addiction will tel you no one cares a why not?

Bah! Don't you dare has always been a liar, and always will be.

It takes a lot of love to build a mountain, Mountain.

Keep reaching out..and you'll find it here, wherever you have to go!

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Hi Mtn - I am only just seeing this now, so sorry for not having a response. I remember you very well from when I first joined & always got alot out of your posts. I had a hell of a time finally getting off it, but with your help & the others here, I've made it to over a year. You can and will do this too - you are ready, and I believe you when you say you don't want it to be this way anymore. It is so over - just as it was for me. Drinking didn't bring me the same relief from stress or good times it once did - it only made me insane and on the verge of hysteria all the time. The best part of your life is about to begin, as soon as you rid yourself of the poison and start walking out into the sun again. Sending love to you.
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