G'night all...

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G'night all...

Well, as my 4th day comes to an end I can honestly say it's been a decent day thanks to being on here. I got to enjoy the warm, beautiful day outside and spend my inside time on here, so it has been great.

I may not have found a way to get a ride to AA meetings to see if it is for me or not, but I won't give up yet. There's still tomorrow once it arrives, but, one day at a time.

I am still just so ecstatic about 4 whole days sober. And please allow me to repeat myself in telling a little about myself for someone new or that may not know. But, I've spent since around 16/17-years-old drinking and I'm 24 now. But, my biggest problem first started when my father (who was an unrecovered alcoholic) had passed away from colon cancer due to drinking(I was 19). I was very close to him, while he was an alcoholic he only drink 3 beers a day in his last few years, but I'm told much heavier than that when I was born. But moving on, I was close with my father and when he passed away I went from drinking a 24pack of beer on Saturday's and Sunday's to drinking whiskey and beer on a semi daily basis. It gradually progressed to an every day drinking.

Once I got married, at 22, I was thinking okay time to slack off so I can make this work. But, it got harder for me to slack off and eventually she left me and we divorced due to my drinking. (She was one of the ones who told me "to be a man and just sit it down and don't drink no more" while she herself did drink as I'm assuming as most Mexicans do, at least the ones I've met.) But we get divorced, it got a lot worse. I would drink from 5am til 10 or 11pm. At the time I was working in a Mexican Restuarant and in the kitchen where I was working it was quite common for us to drink all day while working so I never thought much of it. Then moved on to me drinking from 5am-10 or 11pm and waking up in the middle of the night for a couple more drinks going back to sleep and start the same pattern all over again. It was so bad I would drink mouthwash with alcohol if I couldn't get a hold of the real thing.

So this is why at least to me that 4 days is a major accomplishment. So if I seem more excited over it than I should be we all now know why. As well, as everyone has had their bedtime story. lol Thank you all for letting me share and if you take the time to read this thank you and I hope I didn't bore you. Unless that's a good thing and it helps you sleep lmao

So with all this shared and off my chest and me feeling better, I would love to leave you all with saying this: Have a very good night or the best that you possibly can. And have a good sober one. Thank you all for allowing me to be part of the SR community and family. Good night and Bless you all!


it's finally over lmao
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Have a good night friend and congrats on your continued sobriety.
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Wanted to type in real quick I hope the Mexican part doesn't offend anyone. It wasn't meant to be offensive in any way, shape or form.
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Thanks for sharing with us Wes. From the maturity of your posts I envisioned you as being much older.
It is great that you are doing this now for yourself. A lot of us didn't get it until we were much older.
Have a good sleep and I look forward to your posts tomorrow. You are doing great and should be proud.
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trying to get it right
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wes, i ty for your honesty and ty for sharing! gl to you and keep posting as you are helping others here like me! thanks and good nite
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Hi Wes....
Let's both enjoy another day of victory over alcohol.
Yes...we can....
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