Off to my MADD class/panel

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Off to my MADD class/panel

I packed tissues, because something tells me its going to be another one of those moments that I have to relive that night & be so remorceful for my decision. I am grateful I didn't hurt anyone except myself, and my van.

I hope to get enough out of it to keep me strong & remember why I have choosen the path of sobriety.
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Let us know how it goes!! Good luck!
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I did similar classes, except I was downing a half pint in the bathroom at brake time. When I was busted my bac was .33
the judge looked at me and asked me if it was a misprint.
thank God I don't drink anymore!
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Yeah, my bac was a little over the top as well!

Good luck tonight sister!
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Thinking of you and hoping that it won't upset you too much - however, enough to keep you sober.
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I hope you let us know how things went tonight.
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I will be honest I walked into a room that soon filled to over a hundred people. Men & women ranging from 20 - 70! I thought this is going to be long 2 hrs!
The 1st woman that runs it spoke & she seemed pretty matter a fact, and the whole if you get up for any reason & leave this room you won't be let back in. No bathroom breaks nothing for the next 2 hrs. In the 1st 10 minutes she went on about excuses for drunk driving, how she does not belive in the term alcoholic, or that alcoholism is even a condition, she believes its a made up excuse.
Needless to say I was kind of taken back & thought I was really going to have trouble for the next hour & 50 minutes if this is what it was going to be like.
But then 2 people spoke after that. The one guy was a long haired leather wearing biker dude! He went on to say how he should have had 50 DUI's in his day. And then he got one, but oddly it didn't stop him from drinking or even drinking & driving now & then.

And 5 yrs after his DUI, his entire family, Son, Daugter, wife were killed by a drunk driver.
That was very touching. Another woman spoke about losing he 4 yr old.
The time flew by. I was lost in their story & thought to myslef more than once,
All these months I hve been feeling so sorry about how aweful this DUI has been on my family & me. The $, the court dates, the meetings, the dissapointment, the inconvenience of asking everyone for a ride everywhere. Totaling my van, etc.

And I look at these people that live year after year with out their kids, wife, etc.
I just thought how selfish of me. I spent the entire time with a huge knot in my throat & wiped a few tears.

I really am thankful I went. I really wished my sister had gone with me. But she refused.
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I had a similar experience with this type of meeting 20 years ago and it worked for me as I haven't driven with a drink in me since.
If this type of experience doesn't stop people from drinking and driving nothing will.
I will admit I have driven with people that were driving drunk when I was drunk which is equally stupid but at least I wouldn't be the one DIRECTLY doing the damage.
I say directly because I now believe it is a friends responsibility to do everything possible to make sure that friend does not drive impaired.
If anyone should happen to slip please do not drink and drive and do everything in ypour power to make sure your imbibing friends do not drink and drive.

Glad you got so much out of it. Peace.
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Sorry this double posted so I deleted the second one.
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Since being in recovery I have not yet been bored. Started out getting the
ladies numbers and utilizing them. We would go out for coffee, lunch, or
even go to a yard or garage sale. Most of all I have SR to come to.
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