The Precious Time We Have

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The Precious Time We Have

I went to a funeral today, my boyfriends uncle passed away from pancreatic cancer. Although I did not know this man well, I went for my boyfriend and his family. It really made me think about how precious life is, my loved ones and all that I have in my life. I am so glad that I can now enjoy this gift of time sober and clear. It is a blessing. I hope that you all by reading this can maybe somehow also see what a blessing sobriety can be and also realize how precious life is and can be. To all of you how are still struggling to get sober, please do not give up. No matter how down you feel,and how much you are struggling, your life is precious and worthy.

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I"m sorry to hear about your Boyfriends loss. Our loved ones truly are a blessing~
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I was at a funeral Friday, and yes, it definitely brings priorities into focus.

A good reminder for us all.
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Thank you for this post. I seem to get caught up in everyday life that I forget how lucky I am to be here. It is a great feeling to be able to enjoy life sober. I dont know how I did it when under the influence. I didnt appreciate what I have or those around me. Now, I can see those around me in a much easier light.
Thanks for the reminder!
Best wishes and lots of prayers to you.
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Originally Posted by bstt03 View Post
It really made me think about how precious life is, my loved ones and all that I have in my life. I am so glad that I can now enjoy this gift of time sober and clear.:ghug
You bring up a very valid point. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer over a year ago. As accompanied her to her appointments and treatments, I began to realize that I was wasting my life staying drunk and running from everything. How would I feel if I was told now I have to fight for my life? Then I realized I did need to fight for my life because I gave all of my power to alcohol. It ruled me and I knew it would kill me. But I still had a choice. The cure for my illness was to just stop drinking. Do I want to live? Yep. Life is precious and I forget that when I'm drinking or hungover (I was rarely anything other than). Thank you...and my condolences to your boyfriend.
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