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It really depends on the person but I gotta agree with all those that say that it can be playing with fire. It can make old behavioural patterns connected with drinking flare up again, it tastes like real beer, it feels like drinking real beer...and alas, we humans are creatures whose brains work on memorized behavoiur, both conscious and unconscious.

I gotta admit, in the last 7 months I did drink a bottle of non-alcoholic beer on 2 occasions, and although it didn't trigger anything I have stopped drinking it. I didn't want to make it slowly become a habit, and then maybe lead to other things. Also, once I was drinking beer for the taste (I thougt the na beer would go good with some meals) and not for getting drunk, I realized that I didn't even like the taste.
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My opinion - "seems like having a picnic beside a volcano"

Enjoy it if you like, but if that thing erupts.......

I would just picnic somewhere much safer.
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if I delibertly drank alcohol
I would re start my date of sobriety.

My goal was to be a non drinker
a recovered alcoholic
obviously....that is not what everyone wants.
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this thread is a year old...not that that will stop anybody....LOL
Thanks Dee, I needed a morning laugh.
No wonder I noticed a few 'new' members.
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Not for this recovering alcoholic.
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
this thread is a year old...not that that will stop anybody....LOL

It may be a year old but I am glad someone drug it up... Thanks, I needed that!
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You'll find it's a regularly bought up subject, intime
Glad you got something from it.

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If I have a near beer, then I'm near beer. And if I'm near beer, I'm close to tequila. And if I'm close to tequila, I'm adjacent to cocaine. And if I'm adjacent to cocaine... I'm in jail!

Courtesy of Craig Ferguson. I love this quote! I have such terrible associations with beer that I have no desire to taste it... which is weird, because I used to love the taste. The thought makes my stomach flip over.
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