A sweet way to end the day

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Wink A sweet way to end the day

Despite all that is going on right now, tonight my own heart did a flip-flop for my daughter.

About an hour ago the boy from next door texted Kaylee and asked her if she could come outside and hang out. She said no because she was busy with her homework. A half hour later I was quizing her for her test and the boy across the street rang the doorbell asking if she could come out side and she said maybe when I finish my homework. A few minutes later we heard some kind of a thump against her upstairs bay window in her room. We didn't think much of it. Well finally Mark the boy next door texted her and said "Kaylee, please look out your bedroom window"!

She and I peeked out through the blinds and there stood Mark in the middle of the road "we live on a quiet street". There in front of him in huge letters made from chalk the message on the road said " Kaylee will you please go to Homecoming with me.

I've never seen her smile quite like that before. Then she said "mom what should I do?" I told her whatever she wanted to, and then she went out front to accept. This will be her first date, she and Mark are Freshman and they will be going with a group of other kids.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. She is my baby.
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What a sweet and romantic way for that boy to ask her! That is something that she'll remember always.

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That is so sweet! What a beautiful moment for you both.
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Thanks for sharing that Suzette and there, my dear, are the good things about parenting. Congratulations to your daughter on her first dance.
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awww there arent many romantics like that out there anymore glad she has one calling on her to court
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aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... thats just too sweet shilverie is still alive in some its nice to know ... how extremly sweet something like that well definatly never be forgotten in her heart im sure
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Oh wow, that's amazingly cute! Great for them!
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Awww....he sounds like a sweet boy. I'm glad you had something that made you feel good today even if it's bittersweet, she's growing up stuff. This is neat. Thanks for sharing it.
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OMG!! That is soo sweeeet!!!

I am happy for her.
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That is SO cute!

The only thing boys did when they came to my house was honk the horn for me to come out and pi$$ my dad off!
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The "awwwws" have it! Thanks for sharing that. Made me smile.
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That is so sweet!!

I'm glad you had a good ending to a day that's been pretty tough for you. I think helping her get ready for the dance will be a pleasant distraction for you.

You're a good mom, and you're sober, despite a lot of struggles being thrown at you lately.

I'm really proud of you!

Hugs and prayers!

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Oh, that is sweet, really sweet.

And, hopefully it put a big smile on your face too.
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Too cute! Good for them! I hope you will update us on her dress choice, etc. ( I have only sons...never get to shop for the fun stuff! ) LOL!
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that is super cute! i remember going homecoming dress shopping with my girl, agonizing over what to wear, blah blah blah... good times.

there's so much sweetness in the world... it's nice to get a reminder here and there.
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I LOVE IT!!!!!! That's just too darn adorable!!!!! lol
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That is soooooooooooooooooo sweet, a wonderful memory.
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Originally Posted by Jomey View Post
Too cute! Good for them! I hope you will update us on her dress choice, etc. ( I have only sons...never get to shop for the fun stuff! ) LOL!
We are going dress shopping tomorrow. She was talking a mile a minute when she came back inside from accepting. It was sweet. As I look out this morning at the the road where the request was written, I smile inside.

BTW - She got up earlier than normal today to do her hair x-tra special - I wonder why?
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Oh Suzette, I can hear your joy for your daughter thru your posts! It's such a lovely time for her! (BTW, I am very happily married for almost 25 years to my high school sweetie - hope you meant it when you said you like this guy!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Enjoy the dress shopping - think of me - endlessly renting tuxedos (altho my oldest just turned 12, so I have a bit to go yet before formals!) and as my MIL (who also only has sons) said "If you think the proms are bad, wait til the weddings - As mother of the groom, you get to shut up, wear beige and that is about it!" Never been much good at shutting up.....

How's Cam today? Our whole church prayed for him and your family at morning Mass.

Love Jomey
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I will be thinking about you and the tuxedos as we shop.

Lets break the rules:

1. When our sons get married we will not shut up
2. When our sons get married we will not wear beige - it really washes me out. LOL

Thank you for the prayers for Cam at morning mass. Cam went to school this morning. Even if he is only there for a few classes and picks up his work, at least he tried it.
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