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Take care of yourself Hope :ghug3 We are all here with you.
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You know you'll get there, right ?

Week from now you'll be through the hard times a feeling better, won't be as long as a week but you know what I mean.

I promised myself all the time when I was drinking, that if I could just get well I would never drink again.

Can't say I'll never drink again, who knows, know I have to remind myself regularly about that promise though.

As you probably know, first few days are the worst, I actually didn't try to sleep first couple of nights of detox, just lay down and put headphones on listening to talksport radio, actually found by not trying I did get some sleep, worse way to get to sleep is worry about it.

Anyway, enough of my rubbish seeing as you said you said you were off and probably won't read this.

Hope you get well again quickly
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Fizzy, thank you. That was a great post. Thanks for writing it. You have no idea how much I needed someone to reassure me of that right at this moment. :ghug3
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My dinner is in the microwave. Hopefully, something warm may help me feel a little better. Or at least ease the pain in the stomach from not eating.
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God Bless :ghug3
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Been there, I remember past saturdays, pains in my stomach, no real wonder, bottle of vodka and a packet of crisps isn't a balanced diet, no really it isn't.

Actually quite good for me to be thinking about where I was 4 months ago Hope.

I've a wedding coming up in a few weeks and I've been considering drinking at it.

Don't need everyone telling me not to do it, kind o know that for myself, still wouldn't rule it out though, don't have to decide tonight and know I'm not planning to drink right now.

Anyway good for me to remember where I've come from and all that.

Most important things in my life are my wife and kids and football ( I occasionally get the order wrong !!!!!! ). To enjoy these things I need to be well, or add vodka to my list and then I definately get the order wrong cos I need that to enjoy anything.

What a crazy mess we can get ourselves in eh ?

You know what though, just as we get ourselves into the mess, its only us that can get us back out as well, know its not at the time but its simple really.

You just do whats right for you huns and get well.
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everything is already ok
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hi hope, sorry to hear your struggling, have you checked ou:

or perhaps you remember

I stay around here nd close to my program reagardless of wether I am ok or not, I must admit that takes more effort when I am struggling but it is so worth it.

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