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Hi all,
I found this sight online today when I was looking up the benefits of quitting alcohol. I have been sober for 5 days. This is not my first attempt, of course. Just a new one.
The past two years of my life have been very difficult and I basically drowned myself in alcohol and my health has taken a nosedive. I am fatter than I have ever been in my life and I have successfully avoided participating in my life for about 8 months.
I recently when to a doctor for chronic back pain and she inspired me to focus on getting my mind AND body well. So, once again, I embarking on the journey to wellness. I would really like to actually get there this time. I know what to do, I guess I just don't know how to keep doing it.
I have secluded myself from most social happenings and I really agonize when I have to go because I am so ashamed of the physical wreck that I have become. I postpone living until I lose weight and I cannot lose the weight because I sabotage any kind of progress with booze.
I SO want to be healthy and alive and interested in all the things that used to bring me joy. The time iof hiding is over.
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Hey enillehc!~

this is a great place to hang out in and get some ideas and some support

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Welcome to our supportive community
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Welcome to the nicest cyber community of all. Lots of support and friendship here. We share our experience, strength, and hope to help others and ourselves stay sober. It's working wonderfully for me, and I was a chronic relapser. I had to 'practice' quitting for seven months before I got it right, but by George, I think I've got it!

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Welcome to our recovery community....
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Sorry.. double post. \/
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Welcome enillehc :ghug3

We are all dealing with the same thing together, we have a great group of supportive people here. I just finished my first 12 days with them & I haven't gone without a drink for more than two days for many years.

Join "The September Class" (people that quit in September)... we have lots of room for you.

All of the best in your recovery, its worth it
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Welcome enillehc and good work on 5 days sober!

I have never been to Alaska, must be beautiful. I was in Whitehorse years ago and I really liked it.

What's your plan to maintain your sobriety? I agree that I also needed to get my mind and body well. To accomplish this, I needed face to face support and a structured program (AA). You could also consider counseling. I also have the support of a few close family members and do a ton of recovery reading (including SR). Keep posting! Many of us started where you are, figuring things out, establishing a plan.

I know it's not easy, but please don't postpone living your life because of your weight. There is just so much to live for. I spent way too much time sitting in my basement, living in my head, waiting for a "better day". That better day can be today.

My best wishes!
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Welcome. Hope you will stick around and get comfy here. You'll find lots of support.
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Welcome, you will find so much information and support here.
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Hi and welcome to SR. Reaching out is a great first step.

P.S. My best friend in high school was from Soldotna
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